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Boost retail sales with engaging point of sale displays

A well-laid out retail store is more than capable of attracting customers and enticing them to buy, but there is extra profit to be made by using attractive and eye-catching items at the point of sale (POS) to encourage last-minute purchases or highlight new products and discounts.

Even if only 10 customers spend an extra £10 at the point of sale, that’s still another £100 in the pocket of the store, and with the right point of sale display stands, presented for maximum effect, you can make far more than that.

So how do you make the most of your point of sale display?

Consider what you want to achieve

If you start off by looking at your goals for the new display, you’ll have a more focused approach to layout and design and have a better idea of what POS display items to choose.

Are you promoting a new product, hoping customers will add low ticket items as an impulse purchase on the way out, or pointing out your current discounts and sale items?

Then start thinking about what POS items to choose in order to display that particular goal to best effect.

Pick your colours

Depending on the interior and exterior colours of your store and the product you want to advertise, you’ll need to think carefully about colour.

If your store already has some bright colours as part of your décor and branding, then you’ll have to consider what other colours will stand out against your current décor to attract customers. There’s no point in putting red signs everywhere for a new product if your main signage is already that colour – your new signs will simply get lost.

Colours also have different meanings and interpretations which can add to your display. A new all-natural cosmetic or shower gel, for example, would benefit from a green display, to evoke nature and freshness, whereas a high-end men’s deodorant designed with a younger, gym-going audience would perhaps use a sleek black display to emphasise masculinity and quality.

Keep it short and impactful

You can’t write an essay on the benefits of your new product and expect people to read it, but short, to the point, punchy messages in clear and attention-grabbing fonts are just the thing to get your customers lining up to buy.

Choose your retail POS display items

There are such a range of display items available that you really can choose what best fits the items you want to display, from free-standing display units (FSDUs) and catalogue display boxes to dump bins, all of them have the advantage of giving you more display space for goods in addition to making items stand out for the customer.

Not only that, but window clings, floor mats, posters and hanging boards can easily be set up to draw people into the store for the new items or discounts, and an array of posters, shelf display items and wobblers can point people to where they can buy in your store.

Don’t be afraid to move things around and experiment to find out what works for your particular audience, you could soon find your profits see a serious boost from your new point of sale display units!

Check out Calderstone’s highly attractive range of point of sale displays, available in a range of colours and shapes to suit your retail needs.


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