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Direct mail metrics to measure your response rates

With all the different modern channels customers can be contacted via, direct mail can seem a blast from the past. However, nothing could be further from the truth! It is actually thought that direct mail marketing is one of the best ways to connect with your customers in a more personal, trustworthy way. Although the digital ways of direct marketing are still important, direct mail seems to fill a gap that the majority of the public respond too.

In simple terms, direct mail marketing involves sending out physical information to customers telling them of an offer you have on or a new service they might be interested in. Many will use direct mail companies to help them with this task. As it involves a greater initial cost than digital communication such as e-mail marketing, it is key to measure your response rates.

But how can you track direct mail response rates?

Send them to a specific website or page

One of the great things about direct mail marketing is that there are various metrics to measure your response rate. One great one is to include a call to action in your communication that sends customers to a specific website that has been set-up only for that purpose. It could even be a page on your existing website that is only for the offer or service you have mailed about. Doing this will make it easy to keep an eye on metrics on that page or site to see how many people have visited after the direct mail has been sent out.

Have customers bring the literature to your business or shop

If you have used direct mail marketing to advertise an offer, you may want to include a voucher or coupon with it. If you inform the customers that they need to hand this in in person to redeem it, this gives you another metric to measure response rate with. After a certain period, you can compare the number of vouchers handed in against the number sent out to see how effective the campaign was.

Also look beyond initial response rates

While measuring response rates is essential, it should not be the only metric you look at. The conversion rate is just as key so make sure to use analytics to track who not only visited the specific page you set up for example but who also purchased too. It is also worth calculating the total return on investment after the direct mail campaign has finished to see if it was successful overall.


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