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Database driven marketing

Your customer/client database is probably the most under-used and under-valued marketing resource you possess.

Utilizing your data effectively can help you really hone in and target specific sectors of your database.

Reach the right people at the right time with the right products and increase sales by targeting messages that are appropriate to them.

Over time you will be able to observe customer traits which means you can then target future sales messages even more accurately and increase your ROI from your marketing campaigns.

Would you use it?

Do you wish to inform your customers/members/patients/stakeholders/students about new products/services or would you like to promote special offers to them? If so, talk to us about planning a campaign for you.

When would you use it?

To win new business from prospects or existing customers, for example. Lists can be rented/purchased of appropriate prospects.
To cross-sell/up-sell to existing customers. Use information from data already held in-house.

For example, if customer ABC is purchasing product 1 then promote product 2 to that customer.

How does it differ from direct mail?

This is more than simple mail merging. The objective is to use your data to produce a mailing that is relevant to that recipient – one-to-one communication.

Not only text that is pertinent to that individual but also images/pictures can be incorporated into the mailing piece to increase its impact.

Is it just a one-off mailing?

Ideally you would devise a campaign over a specified period of time. You can incorporate emails and SMS messaging – so campaign planning is important.

  • Travel company mails out personal proposal (based on destination, etc.)
  • 1 month before departure mails out “Excursion trips discounted if booked now”
  • 2 weeks before departure emails “Foreign currency exchange promotion”
  • 1 day before departure texts “Don’t forget your passport – enjoy your trip”
  • 3 days after returning emails a “discount for next year’s holiday if booked now”

All these points of relevant contact enable you to build the relationship with your customer which, in turn, increases their trust in you.

What looks bad.

Incorrect spellings – check your copy and also the spellings of names within the database. Quality of data is essential. Labels on envelopes. We will help you design all the elements of your campaign for maximum impact.

Data, testing and continuous improvement

Different designs can be tested on different sectors of a database to test response rates – what works best?
Different demographics can be tested possibly with different messages for each – and measured.
Analyse your response rates for each campaign to see which works best.