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Project Management

Unlike many promotional merchandise companies, Calderstone can provide full project management to help you achieve the objectives of your promotional campaign.

From start to finish

Our project management experience working with a large number of commercial and public organisations means we are best placed to take full ownership of production when it comes to marketing campaigns that involve promotional goods. This means we can help you with planning, design and rollout whilst offering a free consultancy on the materials, styles and other design elements which will form the foundation of the project.

We believe in listening

In order to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, we believe that being good listeners is an essential part of project management. We ensure we understand your key objectives fully before responding with deliverables which form part of the overall project plan. It is very much a two way process based around constructive collaboration, and we won’t begin work on a project until you are completely happy with what has been agreed.

Making an impression

Our experienced team can contribute ideas that will maximise the impact of your campaign, especially if this is to help with the launch of a new product or service. Calderstone can provide an entire range of promotional goods which can help ensure your new brand starts life with a bang! As part of an overall project delivery we are experienced at assessing your needs and making recommendations on  exactly which marketing items are most suitable for the campaign you are running.

Leave it to us!

Our project management service for promotional goods is intended to take the hassle out of your project, leaving you with the time to take care of your business’ core elements. From the design to the production and distribution of your promotional items, we offer a streamlined solution which provides efficient and focused project management.

For more information on our project management service, call us today on 020 8391 3000.