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Wallet & Presentation Folder Printing

If you are looking for wallet or presentation folder printing services, then you have come to the right place. You will benefit from our expertise to design and print custom presentation folders and wallets.

Presentation Folder Printing Services

A presentation folder is a great, flexible device for presenting varied information to your prospects or customers.  Copy that is ‘fixed’, such as your background details, address and telephone number, can be printed on the folder itself whilst the ‘variable’ copy can be printed on inserts to be held within the pocket (or pockets).  By cutting business card slits, individuals can personalize each folder by inserting their cards accordingly.

Improve the look of the folder by laminating the outer.  This enhances its look but adds to its durability.  Foiling and/or embossing gives further individuality.

Possible uses include

  • Proposals/estimates/quotations
  • Information pack
  • New starter details
  • Hire/rental contract

Wallet Printing Services

A wallet, normally smaller than a folder and often about “DL” sized, helps protect its contents and gives sense of value to recipients.  They can be folded only but, for a more robust design, gluing is better.  Finishes such as a soft-touch laminate and foil blocking enhance its appeal.

Possible uses include holding items like:-

  • Tickets
  • Vouchers
  • Coupons
  • Invitations
  • Glued Presentation Folder

    Glued Presentation Folder with inserts

  • Folded Wallet Printing

    Folded Wallet Print

  • Glued Wallet Printing Example-012

    Glued Wallet Print

  • Presentation Folder Printing Example -022

    Glued capacity pocket for inserts

Call 020 8391 3000 to talk to one of our printing experts about how we can assist you with your wallet or presentation folder printing needs today. Alternatively, you can get a quote here