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Why Us

Visitors to the majority of websites are greeted with an “About us” page. We believe, however, that it should be about you and why you may be considering working with us– hence this page is named “Why us?”. Do you feel that our portfolio of products and services, and our ethics and values, are of interest to you? Of course, you may not be looking to use our services but maybe wishing to work for us, or be a trade supplier, or be a competitor checking us out. Whoever you are, I hope you like what you see.


We exist in order for you to source all your design, print, direct mail and branded merchandise from us and, in so doing, we should be able to reduce your costs (which must be a good thing!) and, importantly, save you time as well.

If you have to deal with fewer people then there’s less chance of miscommunication.

We appoint a dedicated Account Manager who gets to know you, your organisation and your staff and work with you to get things done on time.

You select what you’d like us to do at any point in time from our portfolio of products and services. You’re in control – think of us as a valuable resource which you use when you want to.

We have great people here. Everyone is committed to giving the highest quality, personal service and all take pride in their work.



We are helpful
We put ourselves “in our customers’ shoes” and think how we would like to be treated if we were them.

We are trustworthy
Our customers trust us to behave ethically and honestly in all dealings with them and our suppliers. We have a high degree of integrity.

We are reliable
When circumstances change we research alternative solutions to satisfy needs. We aim to provide the highest level of customer service such that we can be relied upon.

We are friendly
Our enthusiasm is infectious. We like customers to enjoy working with us. We sound great on the ‘phone.

We care
We care about other people, the quality of our products, the environment and striving for excellence in all that we do.


We feel it’s important to reduce the environmental impact of printed communications.

Who do we help? – The people we assist most are often in a marketing role or have some requirement for literature or marketing collateral. So you might be the Marketing Director and have ultimate marketing responsibility or you may be a designer or you could be involved with fund raising for a charity. Alternatively you might perform another role and have been tasked with some marketing activity – which could be to source some branded pens, for example.

It doesn’t matter – because whatever the scope of your requirements we have the resources to make it happen for you.


This note from a satisfied customer gives a feel for the dedication of our staff –

“Hi Lisa, I just wanted to say a big thank you for doing such a perfect job on everything for our conference last week. The folders and the inserts looked fab with all our material in. All the quantities where spot on and you helped our event go seamlessly. Really appreciate you working with your team to get us the best deadlines! So thank you for all your help and hard work. Will be in touch very soon with future projects.“

EnergyQuote, Jacqueline Lucas