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Web to Print Services | Online Printing

Imagine a unique, online catalogue over which you control access and ordering of all your printed items. This is what web to print or online printing services from Calderstone Surrey can offer you.

Online Printing, Web to Print or W2P.

This online printing service is fantastic as it enables you to dramatically decrease time spent ordering items used on a regular basis.  It can also be used to decentralize ordering and empowering, for example, department heads, branch managers or regional managers to create their own marketing collateral without diluting your brand.  Let’s take a simple, typical situation.  Business cards are demanded on an ‘ad hoc’ basis either when new starters join or people run out.  Just think about the whole process of getting the person’s details correct, checking spellings, mobile numbers and email addresses, sending these details to the studio, checking emailed proofs, amending proofs then proceeding to the next stage, placing the print order.

How long has that taken?

Possibly between 5 and 8 days – maybe more?  Now imagine doing all the above online, in real time.  Simply enter the person’s details, see the proof ‘live’ on screen, amend immediately if required, select the quantity you want printed then press ‘send’.  Job done.  Cards arrive, to any UK address you choose, about 3 days later.  How efficient is that?  Web to Print can be broadly split into 3 main areas being Templated products, Print on Demand and Stock items (see below)

Templated products

The system enables you to design editable promotional literature online such as templated posters, hanging boards, leaflets, postcards and banners as well as the most popular item: business cards. You decide which areas of each template are fixed and which can be edited. Approved users can then tailor the item for their needs with text and images then send it direct to print. Once set up, a template can be used indefinitely or updated when required. Repeated artwork development and typesetting are removed, hence saving time and money, whilst you retain control over your brand identity.

To view the demo please click here.

Print on Demand

Rather than holding stocks of pre-printed jobs why not just have them produced as and when you need them? Not only is space freed up but also obsolescence is virtually eliminated. You can track who is ordering what items in order to monitor expenditure accurately.

Stock items

You can populate the online catalogue with pre-printed jobs such as brochures, business gifts, anything you like in fact. Authorised users can withdraw from stock when required. Stock records are updated in real time.

Financial Benefits of Web 2 Print Services


Facility for you to benefit from our database of some 400 trade suppliers. You receive competitive market rates covering a huge variety of print specifications.

Order control

Order limitations and order hierarchy can be set up.

Consolidated procurement – we can invoice for all products

Only one statement to pay off at the end of each month for a variety of different printed items.

Fewer suppliers

Reduced administration costs as you can source everything through us without being tied in to one printing company.

Management information

Analyse costs and usage by department, branch, region, or whatever cost centre you choose.

Print on Demand

Reduce stock holding costs and obsolescence by printing just what is required.

Marketing Benefits of Web to Print Services


Set-up user groups according to the criteria you choose.

Templated products

Final artwork production can be delegated to authorised users, accuracy in document creation, speed of document creation, consistency of brand identity, relevance of up-to-date marketing literature to target audience and control of budgets.

Stock items

Users can withdraw stock items (such as business gifts) on an “as and when required” basis.


Increase the number of products, number of users and number of locations as your organisation adapts to changing markets.

Language compliant

Supports the creation of local language documents.


Time to market reduced to absolute minimum as the created artwork is sent direct to press for production and delivery.

Real-time management reports

Enables you to track orders without time consuming telephone calls to suppliers.

Campaign management

Allows products to be grouped together and made available within specified date ranges.

Output media can be print, CD and PDF

Flexible, multi-channel routes to target audience.

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