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Football & Rugby Ball Printing

Customised Footballs


Customised footballs and rugby balls are gradually becoming one of the most sought-after promotional ideas as it provides companies with perfect branding opportunities and addresses the right audience in one go.

Here’s why it will be ideal to include printed footballs or rugby balls in your promotional campaigns:

  • People have often connected these sports in their childhood and have happy memories.
  • People are still playing and will actually use the balls themselves.
  • People will take them home and other family members will play with them – so increasing the opportunities to see the brand being promoted

Customised football and rugby balls open the door to unlimited branding opportunities. Calderstone can provide you with varied design options:

  • We can print on all the panels (even each panel can be printed on differently).
  • We can print a photo on the ball.
  • We can personalize each ball with a different name.
  • Our costs include full branding up to 4 colours, but up to 10 colours is possible.

With balls, the weight is the most important aspect – generally the heavier it is, the better you can play with.  According to FIFA, the ball (playing quality) should be 400gm.  So even our promotional balls are playable (weight 360gm).  Beware many balls are about 220gm (which really is not playable at all).

 We have a wide range of balls to choose from including:

  •       Size 5;
  •       Mini;
  •       Vintage;

 Our team of experts can provide solutions to all your problems related to customised football. There are several areas where we can assist:

  • Technical knowledge – we really know how to stitch the balls well – these are high-quality products.
  • As there may be cost constraints we can adjust the specification to meet your budget.
  • We know which factory is the best for what kind of balls.
  • We have our own design facility to create visuals for you!

Customised Footballs