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Our guide to creating a leaflet printing campaign

Want to create an eye-catching leaflet for your business? Our handy guide will help you decide on the leaflet you need, create an effective design and get the most out of your leaflet printing campaign. Getting started Why do you need a leaflet? Are you introducing your business to new customers? Or highlighting specific products…

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Why choose Calderstone for your litho printing in Surrey?

If you’re looking for full colour printing – also known as litho printing in Surrey – then Calderstone is your first choice for a highly professional and experienced printer. We pride ourselves on the excellent quality of our print services, which include litho printing alongside digital printing and web offset. Why choose litho printing? Lithographic…

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How to use promotional pens to market your business

In today’s modern marketing mix, the focus is often on digital marketing; however, the reality for most businesses is that promotional products such as branded pens still play a vital role in raising brand awareness, facilitating engagement and providing a prompt for contact and sales. In fact, the British Promotional Merchandise Association surveyed over 1200…

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Top 5 special offers to include in your next direct mail campaign

The success of direct mail campaigns hinges on the quality of the offer contained for the customer. Get it right and you’ll see a worthwhile return on the time and cost involved. Get it wrong, and you run the risk of making an expensive mistake with minimal ROI. Here are some special offers to consider…

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How can you measure the success of your direct mail marketing campaigns?

Direct mail or marketing activities are still of prime importance to many businesses and organisations, even in the days where the world appears increasingly an online place. This does mean, however, that companies using direct mail will be gauging online responses as one of the key success markers. However, before considering this area, there is…

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Direct mail metrics to measure your response rates

With all the different modern channels customers can be contacted via, direct mail can seem a blast from the past. However, nothing could be further from the truth! It is actually thought that direct mail marketing is one of the best ways to connect with your customers in a more personal, trustworthy way. Although the…

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The different types of direct mail marketing formats

Despite a continuing focus on digital marketing strategies, direct mail still boasts plenty of benefits for businesses, particularly if you’re looking to tie elements of a marketing campaign together. The tangible nature of direct mail means you can place your promotional message directly in the hands of your target audience, but with different direct marketing…

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Our top tips for designing printed brochures

Printed brochures can be great for promoting your brand, irrespective of whether you sell direct to consumers or to other businesses. Designing a brochure takes time and effort, though, and should be correctly targeted to meet the demands of your audience. Designing outstanding brochures The following tips will help ensure your brochure stands out: 1….

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Boost retail sales with engaging point of sale displays

A well-laid out retail store is more than capable of attracting customers and enticing them to buy, but there is extra profit to be made by using attractive and eye-catching items at the point of sale (POS) to encourage last-minute purchases or highlight new products and discounts. Even if only 10 customers spend an extra…

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Growing your business with custom promotional packaging

Have you ever wondered why certain products fly off the supermarket shelves, while others spend weeks gathering dust? It’s likely due to the company’s use of promotional packaging. Promotional packaging can make or break the success of your product, as it is one of the key reasons a consumer will choose to make a purchase….

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