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Month: November 2016

Superb Catalogue Production

  Maecenas rutrum. Aliquam non ipsum egestas est feugiat aliquam. Aenean id nibh. Cras scelerisque purus sit amet commodo convallis mi risus elementum pede a consequat felis arcu non mauris. Phasellus suscipit mauris a dui. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. No, this isn’t a typographic error on a grand scale!  It’s to point out that…

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How to make a Catalogue – the Binding

The binding is not to be under-estimated.  Catalogues of a certain size dictate what binding is to be used, in fact, but that aside we need to ask ourselves how long-lasting and durable we want the catalogue to be, how and where it will be stored and referenced, and how we intend it to be…

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Catalogue Designer – Getting the basic format right

  When we think of the importance of the design process we remind ourselves that you only make a first impression once, and that it’s essential to think differently in order to differentiate.  The same can be said of the formatting decisions that we make, which can help to make the finished article highly impactful…

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The importance of product catalogue design

  We’ve said it so many times, but unapologetically – you only make a first impression once!  Think about the implications of that statement for a few moments.  It’s said that most recruitment decisions are made within ten seconds of the interviewer meeting the candidate.  Google tells us that people look at web sites for…

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Do printed catalogues still have a role in marketing?

  Why, in our super-efficient online era, would anyone read a printed catalogue?  Setting aside the cost of their production and distribution, tracking and analysing customer interactions with physical catalogues is much harder to achieve than it is via online advertising and e-commerce sites. And there’s no doubt that in terms of raw numbers fewer…

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