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Superb Catalogue Production


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No, this isn’t a typographic error on a grand scale!  It’s to point out that however effective the targetting, however brilliant the design, however good the formatting, and however practical the binding, the copy – that’s to say the text in the catalogue – is all important.

Quality copy

It’s the copy after all that gives the catalogue reader the crucial information that they need.  The photographs and images that may accompany it provide useful additional intel, but the words provide the vital detail.  The description.  The specification.  The explanation.  The advantages.  The related products and services that the reader may be interested in.  Fundamentally, the sales pitch.


So what are the things we need to be thinking about when we write our copy?  First of all, and it’s obvious, accuracy.  We don’t just mean in the technical sense, but edited, spell-checked, grammar-checked, and proof-read.  We don’t want any errors to appear in the finished article – especially if the catalogue is designed for a long duration – and if they do appear they will make the finished article appear less professional.

Less is more

Having cleared that up, think about how you will grab and hold your reader’s attention.  There are exceptions of course, but you probably don’t want too much text – people will switch off and not read it.  Follow the Less is More guideline, and then make your copy punchy, impactful, interesting, stimulating, perhaps even thought-provoking.  It sounds like a tall order but with a little time and effort you’ll see that the results are well worth it.

Finally, and crucially, ensure that the reader has all the information they need to place an order, and that it’s absolutely clear and straightforward what they need to do – what number to call, what web site to visit, and what to say or do when they get there.

To help you create your own catalogue, we’ve produced a handy FREE catalogue design guide with details on the steps you need to take to create your own perfect catalogue.

Calderstone has many years of experience in the design and printing of catalogues and here is a testimonial from a recent client:

Paul Mettham, Venture Lighting

When it comes to marketing support there are loads of companies that talk a good game, but Calderstone help you make it happen. They have enabled Venture to engage further with our customers and promote our range of new and existing lighting products, resulting in new business and great results.