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Month: December 2016

Effective distribution in our Catalogue Design Guide

  You’ve thought about everything very carefully, and our catalogue is now ready – wonderful news! So now you have the final decision to make – and it’s a very important one too.  How do you distribute it?  After all, there’s no point in having a brilliant catalogue if the right people don’t see it…

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Catalogue Printing

  All of your hard work is now complete, and you’re left with (almost) the final choice – which printing technique to use?  There are several options available, and much will depend upon the size of your print run, the design and the catalogue binding that you’ve chosen, the paper and/or card that you’ve selected,…

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The Importance of the Call to Action in Catalogue Design

  We’ve seen that something like 60% of online shoppers get their ideas from catalogues first, and that roughly a third of these have the printed catalogue on hand when they go online to make their purchase … so it’s clearly important that how and where to order is included in a very obvious and…

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Catalogue Design Inspiration – The Photographs and the Images

  A picture paints a thousand words, it is said.  We’ve seen that the copy is all important, but the photograph or image or diagram helps the reader to visualise the product and therefore understand exactly what they are thinking of buying.  Just imagine trying to describe (and sell) a model of a car without…

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