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Catalogue Design Inspiration – The Photographs and the Images


A picture paints a thousand words, it is said.  We’ve seen that the copy is all important, but the photograph or image or diagram helps the reader to visualise the product and therefore understand exactly what they are thinking of buying.  Just imagine trying to describe (and sell) a model of a car without a photograph of it!  It’s all very well knowing the technical specification, and how quickly it will reach 60mph, but people will want to see what it looks like.

But we can – and should – go further than that.  It’s not just about providing information to the reader, it’s about inspiring the reader.   So how do our photographs and images do that?

Professional photography

For starters, if it’s photographs we’re talking about, if possible get them taken by a professional.  This shouldn’t be too expensive, and the benefits will undoubtedly outweigh the cost.   A professional photographer will have what we call “the eye” – the ability to capture exactly the right shot to show off the product in its best light.  And having made that investment, ensure that when the catalogue is printed these photographs are in high resolution – you won’t be disappointed with the result … and neither will your readers!

Diagrams and images

In addition to photographs, sometimes diagrams or other images may be useful.  If this is the case, once again have them produced by a graphics expert.  This needn’t be expensive or overly time-consuming, but will ensure that the images enhance the catalogue and don’t detract from it.

Inspired readers

The really important thing to think about here is balance.  Remembering all the time that you’re trying to inspire the reader, think carefully about what precise combination of high quality words and images will best achieve that.  At one extreme, a simple photograph of an E-type Jaguar probably does all the selling that is necessary.  At the other extreme, if you’re selling something like a time machine, you probably need an awful lot of text and data.  Most catalogue products will fall somewhere in the middle,  but all will be enhanced by the picture that paints a thousand words

To help you create your own catalogue, we’ve produced a handy FREE catalogue design guide with details on the steps you need to take to create your own perfect catalogue.

Calderstone has many years of experience in the design and printing of catalogues and here is a testimonial from a recent client:

Rhoda White, Amoena

Just to let you know that the catalogues have just arrived. Thanks so much for your swift response and please pass on my thanks to the production team too. Excellent service