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Promotional Packaging

What is Presentation Packaging Printing?

So what exactly is presentation packaging printing? Subtle or bold, understated or colourful, a well-designed presentation packaging can significantly enhance your brand and attract attention. Creating presentation or promotional packaging may be simpler than you think!  There’s plenty to choose from so the first thing is to decide what type of carton is best for…

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How great packaging leads to greater sales

When you’re selling a product, if the branding and product packaging aren’t eye-catching, enticing and of a high quality, then no one will ever buy or try it. Packaging is a vital part of marketing, since it’s often the last ‘advertisement’ a person will see for your product as they browse different selections, before deciding…

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Top things your promotional packaging must do

Shoppers don’t make rational, informed decision when they are purchasing products; rather they make snap decisions. According to studies, on average, customers only read seven words in an entire shopping trip, meaning that most of their buying comes from shapes, colour and familiarity, and 85% of consumers name colour as an important factor in why…

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How colour affects the performance of your promotional packaging

It’s hardly a secret that the packaging of your products will have a massive effect on buyer behaviour. In fact, around 75% of all products are ignored and, for those that are spotted, the consumer only gives around 90 seconds of thought before deciding to buy or not. For this reason, when designing product packaging,…

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Examples of environmentally friendly packaging

When it comes to product packaging, staying ahead of trends is important if you want to stand out. From colours to graphics, there’s always something that is new to consider. For 2017, the movement has been towards eco-friendly packaging and packaging boxes. Many companies are starting to realise the value of sustainability throughout their business,…

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The different types of promotional packaging

If you’re looking to impress your potential customers or provide an eye-catching display, promotional packaging is an excellent way to start. Offering personalisation and something a bit unusual on anything from box packaging to presentation packaging, you can set your brand apart with the way you package your product. If you’re thinking about getting into…

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Five ways packaging colour affects product sales

Did you know that a product’s packaging drives 37% of sales, making it more successful than online reviews, advertising and recommendations? While all these methods are important when it comes to sales, many companies may not have considered quite how important the effect of well-designed product packaging is. There are many ways to ensure you…

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How to choose the right packaging for your product

The right packaging can take a product from good to great and, more importantly, from the shelf or web page into your customer’s basket. We’ve put together some tips, below, for making sure your product is presented at its best. The basics: what’s the purpose of the packaging? Consider what the purpose of the packaging…

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How to use packaging to grab consumer attention

Your brand packaging is a fantastic way to instantly grab your potential customer’s attention in a crowded marketplace. In fact, it is possibly one of the most important ways of doing so. Although we’re always told not to judge a book by its cover, when people are scouring the shelves for what they want to…

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