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How colour affects the performance of your promotional packaging

It’s hardly a secret that the packaging of your products will have a massive effect on buyer behaviour. In fact, around 75% of all products are ignored and, for those that are spotted, the consumer only gives around 90 seconds of thought before deciding to buy or not. For this reason, when designing product packaging, you want to ensure that the finished design work and use of colour get across the feel of your brand and help in the buying process. Here’s some deeper insight into the role that colour plays in the performance of your promotional packaging:

Packaging colour catches the attention

It’s already been mentioned that three in four products in a given category are completely ignored by the consumer, so colour is integral in catching their attention. A lack of colour will make your product appear lost on the shelves, and eventually be taken down by the retail outlet.

Colour can imply quality and influence purchasing decisions

85% of consumers think colour ranks as the most important reason for purchasing a product. If used correctly, colour can improve the associated quality of the product. As well as this, how you use colour will show how relevant your product is within a given category and whether or not it is to be trusted.

Colour choices make packaging information more readable

When promoting a product, it is integral that customers can read your material and quickly absorb the message you are getting across. Well, a study found that colour improves readership of content by 35%. By being able to better convey your message, it is easier to get customers to believe in your product and thus make the purchase.

Packaging colour helps build your brand and recurring customers

When using colour in your product packaging, you should ensure that the colour filters through to the feel of your brand. For example, it should have the similar colour scheme to that of your logo, to better enable people to associate the product with your brand and trust it far more quickly. Doing this effectively will allow you to develop new products in your range and greatly increase their immediate chances of success.


Your product packaging design can the one thing that makes your product stand out on shelves. You want to grab buyer attention and provide the right messages to ensure your branding is memorable. What’s more important, the colour? material? images? We’ve put together a detailed infographic featuring the latest statistics of how consumers are influenced by packaging.

View the infographic here.




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