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Brochure Printing Services

Brochures can be the most evocative of all printed literature. The touch and feel of them, incorporating beautifully crafted photographs, create a desire the reader finds irresistible. They usually fall into two categories:

Showcase brochures: this is the perfect kind of brochure for your organisation to create a favourable impression on someone who probably doesn’t know much about you. Include your background, the history of how your company evolved and details on how you are different from your competitors. Use your showcase brochure also to state where you are based and other locations and branches, whenever applicable.

Product brochures: a more specific type of brochure, product brochures are designed to give more detail on a particular product or service. That kind of material will need to be designed with high-quality photography or images that will enhance the reader’s experience. The goal is giving the reader the most detail product specifications possible, so, attention to detail is vital.

After finding out what type of brochure is for you, check details on its design (layout, appearance, consistent use of fonts), production (paper weight, lamination, document size), the quantity needed and the cost involved.

On the costs, it is vital to request quotes depending on the order size and then decide what is likely to be the most economical for you. Don’t give in to the temptation of printing a bigger quantity of your material only to discard them later. Whether you are new to brochure printing or have had them produced in the past, you will find we have the necessary expertise on hand to help you with all your brochure design and printing needs.

Starting from a wide selection of paper and board stocks, deciding upon the most appropriate printing method, finishing techniques and binding methods, our brochure specialists are on hand to guide you through all the processes. Our goal is to arrive at a specification that reflects the quality and image you wish to promote.

With all the independent advice you could wish for, together with our in-house studio, we are ideally positioned to provide you with a complete, customised service from initial concept to final production. Calderstone Surrey can even assist with distribution and mailing if required. High quality, professional brochure printing at its best!

  • A4_Portrait_Brochure-Large

    A4 brochure - portrait

  • A5_Portrait_Brochure-(Large)

    A4 brochure – portrait

  • DoE_Brochure (Large)

    A4 brochure – landscape

  • Optoma-A5-landscape-(Large)

    A5 brochure - landscape

  • CALD-champion-gatefold

    A4 with gatefold

  • Calderstone 2018-016

    A5 landscape with short pages

  • Calderstone 2018-028

    A4 portrait 100pp PUR bound

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