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Month: February 2017

In summary – selecting the best promotional products

  As we’ve seen, and covered in other articles, there are several decisions to make when you’re considering using promotional products to achieve business objectives: the purpose the type of merchandise the budget the production options the quantity the timescales In each of these broad decisions different factors will be operating, the end result of…

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Planning your promotional merchandise campaign

  At first glance the decision on how many promotional products to order doesn’t seem a difficult one, but there are a number of considerations you need to think about before you take the plunge. And it’s not just about the cost, although of course that’s an important factor.  The balance here is between what…

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Managed Print Services for Promotional Products

  We’ve seen how many different types of promotional products are available, and we’ve looked at some of the decisions you have to make when considering which products to use for which campaigns and clients. The next thing to think about is, how, specifically, are you going to brand the product?  In other words, what…

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How much budget should you allocate to promotional gifts?

  We’ve seen that there’s a vast range of promotional products available – with something for every conceivable opportunity – but you cannot escape the Return on Investment question.  In other words, what value will giving the products out deliver?  And intimately bound up with the answer to that question is, what will they cost?…

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How to select the right corporate gifts

  The sheer variety of promotional merchandise is staggering – there are so many different products to choose from that you are guaranteed to find something suitable.  There is a flip side to this though – with so much choice, how do you decide what’s best?  What’s ideal for one client may not be for…

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The purpose of promotional products (9 – 12)

  Let’s consider four further potential reasons why you might be considering using promotional merchandise, and look at each in turn in a little more detail.  As we’ve indicated, each of these scenarios requires careful thinking, and potentially different types of merchandise. 9. It could be something to leave a potential customer after a meeting…

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