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Five ways packaging colour affects product sales

Did you know that a product’s packaging drives 37% of sales, making it more successful than online reviews, advertising and recommendations? While all these methods are important when it comes to sales, many companies may not have considered quite how important the effect of well-designed product packaging is. There are many ways to ensure you design packaging that delivers great results, and perhaps the most important one is your use of colour.

Here are five ways packaging colour affects product sales:

1. It attracts attention

Potential buyers will judge a product within 90 seconds and 30% of their decision will be based on the packaging. With that in mind, it’s essential that your product can capture and hold their attention long enough, and colour is one the best ways to do so.

2. Colour boosts brand perception

Colour is used in so many ways in marketing. Logos, websites and adverts should all follow suit when it comes to colour. It’s important that your packaging is no exception. When looking for a specific product, customers are more likely to look for a brand that they recognise or trust within that field, so you need to make sure that your packaging associates clearly with your brand. Consumers subconsciously make connections with colour and as such, colour actually increases brand recognition by 80%.

3. It helps you appeal to the right audience

Use colour correctly and you’ll ensure that your products attract the attention of your ideal audience. For example, products for children usually come in very bright colours. A more sophisticated product may use simplicity to their advantage with a simple black and white. You should consider the age range, gender and interests of your ideal customer when designing product packaging.

4. Colour emphasises or conceals information

You may require certain phrases, images or information on your packaging to stand out, and in some cases, you may even prefer it to be concealed. Colour is a simple way to achieve this result while making sure the product still looks appealing.

5. It helps your audience digest information

Colours can give a customer an idea of what the product is before they’ve even looked at it too closely. This makes it easier for them to find what they’re looking for. Using colour to emphasise certain key points on your packaging, as mentioned above, can make any information the customer needs easier to find and therefore easier to digest.


Your product packaging design can the one thing that makes your product stand out on shelves. You want to grab buyer attention and provide the right messages to ensure your branding is memorable. What’s more important, the colour? material? images? We’ve put together a detailed infographic featuring the latest statistics of how consumers are influenced by packaging.

View the infographic here.




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