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How great packaging leads to greater sales

When you’re selling a product, if the branding and product packaging aren’t eye-catching, enticing and of a high quality, then no one will ever buy or try it. Packaging is a vital part of marketing, since it’s often the last ‘advertisement’ a person will see for your product as they browse different selections, before deciding what to choose for their final purchase. As such, great packaging is one of the major keys to great sales.

Below we discuss some of the reasons why your promotional packaging needs to be great:

Packaging influences buyer behaviour

People always have an emotional reasoning for buying a product, even for the most rational among us. While most people aren’t consciously aware of this, we are, which gives us the advantage of using this information to guide our product packaging and boxes.

Studies have shown that customers who view attractive packaging have more intense brain activity as a result, compared to neutral packaging. The use of attractive packaging also increases brain activity associated with rewards, whereas unattractive packaging causes brain activity in areas connected with negative emotions.

This reflects that great quality product packaging has an influence on how customers feel and purchase products, and so great packaging can lead to an increase in sales.

Packaging reflects authenticity and familiarity

Good quality product packaging will increase a consumer’s trust in your brand. Low-quality packaging will reduce the authenticity of your brand and reduce the likelihood of people trusting your brand enough to buy your product.

Also, good product packaging will stick in a customers brain, and when they are returning to purchase the product in the future, they are more likely to choose your product, as it will catch their eye.

Finding the balance

Great packaging is all about finding the balance. If you’re packaging is too different and wacky, it may put customers off. It’s all about being able to enhance the visual experience using graphics and colour to make a more engaging experience for customers. Do your research and find what works best for your market.


Your product packaging design can the one thing that makes your product stand out on shelves. You want to grab buyer attention and provide the right messages to ensure your branding is memorable. What’s more important, the colour? material? images? We’ve put together a detailed infographic featuring the latest statistics of how consumers are influenced by packaging.

View the infographic here.


You can also check out our website to find out how we can help with the successful design for your packaging boxes – let us help you solve the problems with your presentation packaging.


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