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Top things your promotional packaging must do

Shoppers don’t make rational, informed decision when they are purchasing products; rather they make snap decisions. According to studies, on average, customers only read seven words in an entire shopping trip, meaning that most of their buying comes from shapes, colour and familiarity, and 85% of consumers name colour as an important factor in why they choose a product.

Effective packaging makes it easy to understand, at a glance, what a product is and why it’s relevant and needed in a consumer’s life. Naturally, the product needs to deliver on what it has promised to ensure repeat sales. But what makes good promotional packaging? Below we discuss the top things your product packaging simply must do.

Your packaging must stand out

This may seem fairly obvious, but when every product is trying to stand out, you can actually end up blending in. Simply shouting louder than everyone else or covering the shelf won’t make the cut. Instead, you need a focus point of orientation on the package that can grab a shopper’s eye and communicate. For example, producing a sleeve to go over a box can be both visually appealing and cost-effective.

Often simple product packaging can be best

Consumers like simple. In life, we rarely experience moments of calm, so when we see something that reflects a simple nature, we are automatically drawn to it. Chaotic promotional packaging can confuse a customer by over complicating things, which will see them move onto a product that has a simpler design and does what it says on the tin!

Promotional packaging should trigger an emotional enagement

Consumers are emotional beings, so when a brand can make them feel something, then they will react. Think of how powerful eye contact can affect a person – you automatically reflect on it and wonder what they want, and it’s the same with a product. This means there’s nothing quite as powerful as packaging that grabs a consumer’s attention and makes an emotional link with them.


Your product packaging design can the one thing that makes your product stand out on shelves. You want to grab buyer attention and provide the right messages to ensure your branding is memorable. What’s more important, the colour? material? images? We’ve put together a detailed infographic featuring the latest statistics of how consumers are influenced by packaging.

View the infographic here.


You can also check out our website to find out how we can help with the successful design for your packaging boxes – let us help you solve the problems with your presentation packaging.


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