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How direct marketing design affects response rates

You’ve sculpted the best product or created the ultimate business and now it’s time to promote it. You want to promote your product, introduce a new service, promote a great offer and more. But, which is the best method of communication to use?

Direct mail advertising can play a significant role in the success of your marketing and advertising efforts. It gives you the ability to decide who obtains your message, where and when. A direct mail campaign is used by businesses and corporations to target the individuals who are most likely to take advantage of a mailed offer. Direct mail advertising can come in many variations, including sending flyers, postcards, newsletters, coupons and more.

Direct Marketing Response Rates

But how does direct marketing such as this affect your business and response? It’s been long known that direct mail marketing is a highly profitable marketing channel that, when used correctly, delivers high response rates and great returns. The average Direct mail household response rate is 5.1% (compared to 6% paid search, 6% email, 4% social media). Therefore, it’s no surprise that well-designed direct mail pieces grab attention and hold that attention whilst compelling the reader to the take the desired action you are advertising.

According to research, direct mail offers strong returns on marketing investment (15% – 17%) However, it’s not all about the “great offer”; the right copy and design need to be in place otherwise your piece won’t even get considered. They say you only get one chance to make a good first impression, and with regards to direct mail advertising, this statement couldn’t be truer.

Below are some tips that can make your direct mailing campaign stand out from the competition and lead to those higher response rates:


Any successful direct mail campaign always starts and ends with in-depth research. Right from the beginning, you should learn everything you can about your industry, the market and any competition. Also get to know any customers you’ve already discovered. This will allow you to target more efficiently and effectively.

Make A Lasting First Impression

You need to grab the readers attention. A great tactic is to use a powerful photo that is being tied to your message in some way. The objective is to get your reader to read then respond.

Simple Can Be Effective

People are expecting “slick” pieces of direct mail, so why not do the opposite and send out hand-written letters or different coloured notebook paper, people may take more notice because it’s different than expected.

Don’t Forget Your Call-To-Action

The aim of your direct mail marketing is to get people to complete the call to action, so don’t forget to include one and make it noticeable. It needs to be obvious.

Make It Personal

People are more likely to respond to something when they believe it’s just for them. Adding a person’s name can increase the overall response rate by 135%.

Follow these tips to enhance your direct mail marketing and grow your response rate. Or if you’d like some help, then check out direct mail companies such as Calderstone to see how they can help enhance your direct marketing strategy.


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