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How to get the best brochure design for your brand

Brochures are great marketing tools for all businesses. Choosing the best brochure design for your brand is important as a good brochure can not only enable you to introduce your products and services (Product Brochures), but can also help in introducing your company to the potential customers (Showcase Brochures).

As the end of the year approaches, companies are looking forward to designing their products and showcase brochures for the new year. Knowing that this is the best time of the year to start planning those out, we selected four top design trends for 2020 that will surely help you to get the best brochure design for your brand. Check it out: 

  1. Keep it real to your brand and identity: customers cherish the connections between the printed materials and the visuals from the websites and social platforms. The fact that a client prefers your brand against others is not restricted to prices and proximity anymore. Researchers have found that people are connecting with brands because of their values, what they represent and what they hold dear. So, while finalising the best brochure design, ask yourself the following questions: How does my business interact with the world? What’s my brand’s purpose? What compels people to choose my brand/ product instead of a competitor’s? What makes my brand unique? After evaluating those answers, try to translate and incorporate them into your brochure design process. This will define the pathway that your brochure design needs to follow. 
  2. Use vibrant colours: it is important to stand out amongst different brochure designs. One of the best ways to do this is by including vibrant colours in your brochure design. If you are doing a rebranding exercise, that’s the time to work on secondary colours for your brand and explore the possibilities that you have in hand. Some of the trends at this very moment are colour gradients, solid monotone colours and juxtaposing vibrant and saturated colours. That can be leveraged on both – showcase and product brochure designs. 
  3. Illustration, Art Photograph and Hand-Drawn Elements: while defining a brochure design, its layout and appearance will be a big part of the final product. The trends for 2020 are mostly in regards to how you creatively present your brand and storyline. Popular techniques as the use of illustration, art photograph and hand-drawn elements can help you enhance the unique attributes of your brand. Our design team can advise you on which of those techniques will work best for your company. It’s recommended to pick one of them and stick to it: do not try to mix the three methods in the same layout!. 
  4. Minimalism: a favourite amongst most of the designers, minimalist brochures are sure to be a trend in brochure design for 2020 (again!). The secret here is to use the minimum amount of design elements to convey a brand message, emphasising on creating a simple design that people can understand instantly.  

To get expert advice on finalising the best brochure design for the coming year, contact us today. We can help you to turn your ideas into reality, with our complete graphic design and printing services team. Our specialists can take care not only of your brochure design but also of your mail, printing and postage, presentation packaging and branded promotional merchandise, among others.