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How to promote your business using corporate gifts

There is no doubt that corporate gifts are one of the most effective forms of advertising and promoting your brand.  Here’s a reminder of some statistics we’ve shown you before: around 80% of people like receiving promotional gifts 52% of people said that they felt more positively about a company after receiving a gift 50%…

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Why businesses need branded corporate stationery

A small digression for starters.   Lots of people mix up the spellings of stationery and stationary.  The easiest way to remember is this: stationEry is used for Envelopes and stationAry for stAying still.  We’re always here to help! Having cleared that up, why do businesses need branded corporate stationery, particularly in our digital age when…

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5 benefits of giving away promotional merchandise

Promotional products can be a highly cost-effective component of a wider marketing strategy, complementing other forms of advertising and raising brand awareness by keeping your company “front of mind”.  Let’s look at some figures. 178 per cent increase in trade-show traffic for companies that give out promotional gifts (Source: Exhibit Surveys) 62 per cent of…

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The role of promotional gifts in your marketing strategy

We’ve mentioned previously that all types of advertising have their merits, and using a combination is often the most effective approach.  As we said recently the great advantage that promotional gifts have, over virtually all the others, is that they move your brand into the offices and homes of your potential customers. The choice of…

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7 reasons to offer promotional products

Only 7, we hear you shout?  There are numerous reasons why promotional products are so massively effective and rightly popular – and we’re only going to focus on 7 of them.  Why?  Because if we listed them all you would start thinking we were writing a Dickens novel! And we’ve not necessarily picked the “best”…

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Why catalogue printing is back in fashion and vital for boosting sales

Marketing and eCommerce has adopted a thoroughly multi-channel approach in the modern world. We have enhanced measurement and targeting capabilities that have supercharged our marketing efforts, and eCommerce is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. One might question the place of printed catalogues in a modern marketing plan, but catalogue printing never…

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Why should you use local printing services?

Whether you are looking to have a large run of high-end brochures produced with fancy finishes and trims, or a rapid turnaround set of business cards for a forthcoming event, there are always good reasons to choose your local printing firm. Here are five of our favourites! 1. Personal service Local printing services will invariably…

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In summary – selecting the best promotional products

  As we’ve seen, and covered in other articles, there are several decisions to make when you’re considering using promotional products to achieve business objectives: the purpose the type of merchandise the budget the production options the quantity the timescales In each of these broad decisions different factors will be operating, the end result of…

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Planning your promotional merchandise campaign

  At first glance the decision on how many promotional products to order doesn’t seem a difficult one, but there are a number of considerations you need to think about before you take the plunge. And it’s not just about the cost, although of course that’s an important factor.  The balance here is between what…

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Managed Print Services for Promotional Products

  We’ve seen how many different types of promotional products are available, and we’ve looked at some of the decisions you have to make when considering which products to use for which campaigns and clients. The next thing to think about is, how, specifically, are you going to brand the product?  In other words, what…

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