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The role of promotional gifts in your marketing strategy

We’ve mentioned previously that all types of advertising have their merits, and using a combination is often the most effective approach.  As we said recently the great advantage that promotional gifts have, over virtually all the others, is that they move your brand into the offices and homes of your potential customers.

The choice of approaches available to you is vast – digital marketing, online campaigns, social media, print, email, TV and radio … and they all have a role to play at the right time.  Yet the impact of promotional gifts is phenomenal – BPMA research has shown that they invoke brand loyalty in over three times as many recipients as the effects of print, web, direct mail and TV.

Why is that?  Well, fundamentally because the products have longevity and are useful.  Think about it, a digital marketing tool lasts as long as the recipient is looking at the computer – unless it is particularly memorable – whereas a pen, memory stick, mug, t-shirt etc. will be used regularly.  And every time it’s used, your brand will be remembered.

Not only that, but promotional gifts inspire loyalty too.  Let’s be clear when we say “gifts” – we’re not talking about items of high value.  Indeed, those sorts of gifts can be counter-productive, and in some cases illegal.  No, we’re talking about small low value gifts that cost little but mean a lot.  A good rule of thumb is, never give a gift that you’d be uncomfortable to receive if the roles were reversed. 

That said, everyone likes a free gift, and the loyalty it inspires won’t fade.  The positive emotions associated with receiving the gift are very powerful.  Anyone who’s ever seen the famous Tour de France Caravan that precedes the cyclists will know exactly what we mean – people scrabble around in bushes for the little key ring torches and caps and the like that are thrown from the passing vehicles.  It’s remarkable to see (and, I have to admit, do – as I’ve scrabbled around in bushes for them myself).

The range of possibilities helps too.  We’ve mentioned how useful and frequently used things like pens and memory sticks can be, but numerous options are available.  Click here to see our exciting range.

The last thing to mention is their cost, or more accurately their value for money.  Given their longevity, and the fact that they’re frequently passed on, and their lower relative cost in the first place, promotional gifts really are a “must have” component of any sensible marketing plan, however tight the budget.  And on marketing plans …

… we’re here to help you.  With our track record of many years of successful marketing advice – supported by our range of brilliant promotional gifts – we have helped numerous clients to distinguish themselves from their competitors, increase their brand awareness significantly, and position themselves as front-runners in their respective marketplaces …

… and we can do the same for you.  Our team of friendly experts is waiting to give you help and advice on how to be more visible, more distinguished, more sought after … and, ultimately, how to sell more of your products and services.

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