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Why catalogue printing is back in fashion and vital for boosting sales

Marketing and eCommerce has adopted a thoroughly multi-channel approach in the modern world. We have enhanced measurement and targeting capabilities that have supercharged our marketing efforts, and eCommerce is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. One might question the place of printed catalogues in a modern marketing plan, but catalogue printing never stopped being effective, it simply went out of fashion.

And it’s making a comeback.

Better yet, the advances in digital marketing now make catalogue marketing even more effective …

Marketing objectives and ROI …

Printed catalogues are uniquely positioned to fulfill the objectives of marketing departments. It’s increasingly challenging for marketeers to demonstrate the specific return on investment (ROI) for their marketing efforts. Social media campaigns, broadcasting, and other forms of marketing are problematic when it comes to tracking outcomes. Catalogues, on the other hand, have definitive mailing dates, codes for customers, products, and sources, and are a total breeze to track.

Specific targeting …

Add to that powerful argument the rise of digital marketing databases that capture specific details about ideal clients. You can combine printed catalogue marketing with the awesome power of online tribe building, to deliver your catalogues to exactly the right people, wherever they are in the world.

Easy versioning …

Printing and production methods have also evolved. The complexity and cost of versioning (producing different versions of a catalogue tailored to different segments of your customer base) is rapidly shrinking, making it easy and affordable to produce multiple forms of your printed catalogue and better appeal to specific segments of your audience.

High-quality content marketing …

Catalogue printing also allows for the ultimate form of high-quality content marketing. Print pieces with high-touch value, packed with products, fashion, stories, celebrity profiles and endorsements, designers, room layouts and more are a proven and excellent method of conveying the ethos and personality of a brand.

Customer engagement …

Customer engagement is vital, and will remain vital, regardless of other shifts in the economy and social stratosphere. The rise of eCommerce is producing more and more products, and as the presence of increasingly similar items on the market grows, so to does the need to increase client access to, and interest in, specific brands. A great brand strategy will integrate catalogue printing with various other marketing and sales tactics, including social media and email marketing, to provide the best possible experience for consumers.

The notion of printed catalogues may seem a little old school, but thanks to their phenomenal brand-building power, increased capabilities, and easy tracking of ROI, printed catalogues are a vital component in your marketing plan.

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