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How to choose the right personalised gifts

With the massive range of personalised gifts that are available, how on earth do you choose the right one for the right marketing campaign or the right customer?  The choice can seem simply overwhelming at times – and remember that you want to differentiate yourselves from your competition, so you should try and think as creatively as possible (and chances are your competitors won’t be).

It helps if you ask yourselves these questions:

  • what is my target audience?
  • what is the most effective way of reaching them?
  • what do they like?
  • what will they find most useful?
  • where will the gift be used?
  • when will the gift be used?
  • what is its expected shelf life?

Getting the answers to these questions will go a long way towards helping you choose the right personalised gifts.  Let’s now think of some examples:

  • if your clients like golf, golfing umbrellas will be very much appreciated (and can of course be used whenever it rains)
  • if your clients travel a lot, travel adaptors, phone chargers and power banks could be a Godsend
  • if your clients sit at desks, memory sticks, mouse mats, diaries, calendars, desk fans and so on will be useful and constantly visible

You get the idea.  It’s all about effective targetting – knowing your customers!

Of course, you may not know them all that well, and/or you may be looking for personalised gifts that would be popular with a diverse range of people.  This where things like pens, pencils, mugs, key-rings, torches, etc. can be effective, and going up the scale a little items like polo shirts and holdalls.

Personalised gifts for your own team

We’ve been focussing on what’s right for clients, but as we’ve mentioned before your own staff are very important too – your most important asset in fact!  Making them feel special – and part of a successful and happy team – will work wonders for you.

Personalised gifts and the Bribery Act

Be aware, particularly if you’re thinking of more expensive personalised gifts, of the Bribery Act.  It’s common sense really – don’t offer things that could be considered inducements to trade and/or at an inappropriate time.

For example, bad timing would be offer something during a tender process, whereas good timing would be after you’ve won the deal to say “thank you”.   And don’t be too lavish either – remember, it’s the thought that counts.

If you’ve got any questions about this just ask us and we can advise you, or read Bribery Act 2010.

The thing to do, of course, is to speak to experts in the field … and you’re in exactly the right place!

Choosing the right personalised gifts

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