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Top mistakes designers make when designing catalogues

A catalogue is all about making things easier for customers. From an easy reference point to product descriptions and a route to purchase, a catalogue is intended to give a customer everything they need to browse and buy. But designers risk detracting from the effectiveness of a catalogue as a marketing tool if they make one of the following common errors:

1. Cluttered catalogue layout

Your catalogue might be a platform to showcase hundreds of items, but that doesn’t mean you have to cram them all in. Rather than attempting to use up every bit of space, you should not overlook the importance of ‘white space’- that is, areas which do little else but break up the content, making the catalogue more digestible. You should apply generous margins, and not put images or text close to the page edges.

2. Colour overload

While a black and white catalogue seems unlikely to tick the box of engagement, you should keep a firm grip on your senses when it comes to a colour palate for catalogue design. Keep to a colour scheme, be they the two or three colours which enhance your brand, which are often specified in a corporate branding document or those which you choose yourself. Don’t go crazy with colours, as this can be distracting and be a diversion from the key information itself.

3. A fiesta of fonts

In keeping with the pointer above, too many fonts can also detract from the purpose of your catalogue. Conventional design wisdom advises keeping to a maximum of two different fonts throughout your catalogue. And opt for clear fonts rather than anything too wacky or comical.

4. Not breaking up text

Text should not be bunched together when it doesn’t need to be. Make full use of sub headings and different sections to split up and compartmentalise the text in your document. This will make it easier for the reader to pick out the key information which they need to, and make it more enjoyable to read in general.

So there you have it, some common downfalls of catalogues which, as a designer, you should ensure you steer well clear of before catalogue printing.

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