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The key benefits of effective point of sale displays

Point of sale displays can be a critical influence on the decision making process of a consumer in the moments before they take the step to purchase. As a marketer, it is a chance to feed key information into the customer journey, direct a customer towards any special offers or promotions, and reinforce brand loyalty, encouraging repeat business.

So how best to go about utilising point of sale design? Let’s have a look at the various point of sale display types and assess how marketers can make the most of them:


If you have a message to get across at the point of sale, there is no shame in shouting from the rooftops. Posters allow you to attract the attention of a customer and they provide ample space for finer details, too. Use them to highlight products which are part of a promotion, or loyalty schemes.

Leaflet holder

If you have marketing collateral to distribute in the form of leaflets, make sure they get picked up! A leaflet holder can make sure leaflets catch your audience’s eye, and make them more appealing to take, as opposed to laying them flat on a surface where they can become untidy and overlooked.


By the same token, brochures can look unappealing when left in a stack. Present them properly with the magazine shelf style of an FSDU.

Catalogue Display Box

Don’t have enough catalogues to warrant an FSDU? Then a catalogue display box can be perfect for smaller numbers.

Table Talker

If your customers will typically be sat at a table, get the message across with a table talker, providing a discreet way of informing and engaging.

Floor Mat

Why wait until your customers get inside to begin reinforcing your brand? Floor mats give you an opportunity to champion your logo.

Hanging Banner

You don’t have to redecorate in order to personalise your point of sale zone with your brand. Hanging banners provide a cost-effective way to market a brand on site, with logos and marketing messages.


Wobblers offer the opportunity to relay bite-size information which could influence a customer purchasing decision – just stick them on the surface of your choice!

There you have it – some point of sale displays and how to get the best from them. Remember, customers appreciate information which helps them make a decision, so don’t undersell your products.


To maximise the effectiveness of your product displays and general branding you need to speak to the experts… and you’re in the right place!

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