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How to promote your business using corporate gifts

There is no doubt that corporate gifts are one of the most effective forms of advertising and promoting your brand.  Here’s a reminder of some statistics we’ve shown you before:

  • around 80% of people like receiving promotional gifts
  • 52% of people said that they felt more positively about a company after receiving a gift
  • 50% use such gifts daily

Figures like this can’t fail to impress.  AND – promotional gifts aren’t that expensive either.  A useful indicator is the ‘Cost Per Impression’ (CPI).  Often used for web-sites or TV/radio advertising, nevertheless it’s possible to compare the different techniques.  Promotional gifts work out significantly cheaper than almost all other marketing approaches.  You might find these links useful: CPI definition and ASI study).

Why do corporate gifts work so well?

There are several reasons, but here are some of the more obvious ones: 

  • increased brand awareness – with 50% of people using such gifts daily, awareness of your company will remain high
  • return on investment – it’s a very effective way of getting something out to large numbers of people reasonably cheaply
  • the memorable business card – not necessarily instead of but as well as the traditional card, if your company’s logo and/or name and potentially contact details are on the gift, so much the better.
  • relevance – think about what your clients use regularly and match that up with what you do so that they think about you often. Bike shop – water bottles.  Computer company – USB stick.  Car hire company – key ring.  You get the gist!
  • differentiate yourselves – in the hyper-competitive world we live in, every way you can promote yourselves more effectively than your competitors do will help you

So what’s at play?  We think it’s far deeper than the pleasure we all get from getting something for nothing.  It’s got something to do with gratitude, something to do with image, something to do with being happy to be associated with that product or that company.

Corporate gifts are not just for customers either!

We’ve been focussing on customers, but of course your own staff are important too (and sometimes ignored when it comes to gifts).  They may not need to be reminded about who they work for, but they can be made to feel special – and part of a team – if occasionally they are the recipient of a little gift.

Corporate gifts are creative

You’ll be amazed at the numerous gift options available, that extend far beyond what you might consider the “standard” range of corporate gifts.  Here’s just a small selection to whet your appetite:

  • torches – choose from a wide range: aluminium torches, eco-friendly (no batteries needed!), pocket torches …
  • tape measures
  • spirit levels
  • tool sets
  • front and rear silicon bike lights
  • combined torches and key-rings
  • multi-tools
  • snap bands
  • screwdriver sets
  • First Aid kits
  • 3D glasses …
  • branded bottled water
  • mints
  • rock sweets
  • chocolates
  • jelly beans
  • lollipops
  • advent calendars
  • Easter eggs
  • cool bags
  • shot glasses
  • lunch boxes
  • plastic beakers
  • mint tins
  • glasses
  • hip flasks
  • beer mats
  • chopping boards
  • golfing umbrellas
  • ball tins
  • markers
  • score card holders
  • gift boxes
  • pitch forks
  • tee wallets
  • decanters
  • holdalls
  • shoe bags
  • awards

The thing to do, of course, is to speak to experts in the field of corporate gifts … and you’re in exactly the right place!

To find out more about how we can help you reap the full benefits from corporate gifts, please click here for our home page, or call us any time on 01737 377 911, and we’ll be absolutely delighted to help you to make the difference that you want to make.