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Why businesses need branded corporate stationery

A small digression for starters.   Lots of people mix up the spellings of stationery and stationary.  The easiest way to remember is this: stationEry is used for Envelopes and stationAry for stAying still.  We’re always here to help!

Having cleared that up, why do businesses need branded corporate stationery, particularly in our digital age when so much of our communications is online?  The reality is that a huge amount of communications still take place on good old fashioned paper: the Royal Mail handles over 10 billion items a year!

Many of us are inundated with emails, less so these days with letters.  And when letters do arrive we’re more likely to read them – and here’s your opportunity to impress (or not, as the case may be).

Your stationery says a lot about you – it projects your image.  Well designed professional looking stationery on quality paper tells a story – as does poorly designed amateur looking stationery on low quality paper.

Of course you need your contact details on there, but what else and how do you want it to look?

  • logo
  • overall design
  • typeface
  • use of colour
  • strapline and/or mission statement

Consistency is key

Any brand manager will tell you that to protect and reinforce the brand you need to be consistent – and not just with your stationery but right across the spectrum of how you project yourselves to the outside world: your website, your social media, your signage and so on.

A word or two on the importance of brand

We keep mentioning that word “brand” like it’s important – but is it, really?

Well, given the vast sums that companies pay to protect their brands, and the brand values on their balance sheets, you’d have to conclude that it is important!

Brand Brand Value
Google $102 billion
Microsoft $87 billion
Facebook $74 billion
Coca Cola $56 billion

Source: Forbes

The list goes on.  But don’t be fooled – even if you’re not a multi-billion multi-national your brand is still very important:

It improves your recognition – particularly the logo. It should be instantly recognisable

It creates trust – “people are more likely to buy from a business that appears polished and legitimate”

It supports advertising – advertising in fact should be viewed as a component of your brand

It builds financial value – a strong brand usually guarantees future business: the greater a company’s devotion to building its brand value, the greater the financial return from its efforts

It inspires employees – they feel they have a purpose

It generates new customers – helping you to get referrals, which is usually the best source of quality leads

Branded corporate stationery

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