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Does the system utilise a system of customisable templates?

Yes – data and images are components within artwork that can be managed in real time

What is the extent, range and complexity of templates supported by the system?  How can these be created?

Anything that requires personalisation but not design creation (this is not a desk top publishing tool).  Output files can be configured for the production process.  Original artwork is placed within the system which allows users (with permission) to create the items unique to them.  Typical customised jobs include business cards, letterheads, posters and leaflets

Does your system allow for the clear and customisable categorisation and cross categorisation of templates?


Does your system allow Users to edit documents and view changes in real time?


Are ‘Super users’ able to set a level of restriction for other users with regards to what can and cannot be edited within specific templates?

Yes.  There is a wide range of administrative functionality that can be made available to users dependent on requirement and training

Can users proof their template at all stages of editing, including the ability to forward proofs to a third party?  Are proofs printable?

A screen resolution proof of any template can be emailed to a 3rd party outside of the system for approval. These are not suitable for print production.

How many customisable fields does the system allow at the checkout stage to record cost codes, purchase order number, job number etc?

Unlimited and can be automated with validation but should always be easy to use for any user

Is your system bespoke or ‘off-the-shelf’?

A combination of both.

An off-the-shelf system with the ability to have additional development by an on-site team if required.  No software is required by any user.  Server side Java with an SQL Database runs the systems.

With regards to users, does your system enable the creation of national, area, regional and project level groups and individual accounts/administrators, as well as super users?


The system manages different profile levels of users, configured as required. Specific profiles maybe configured which allow users to be added/managed easily even allowing restrictions upon what may/may not be.

Can your system offer a bespoke homepage with specific template choices for individual users, dependent on their group, etc?

Yes,  At base level a bespoke homepage is offered. Templates are profiled to users as per requirement. The system also supports SSO (Single Sign On) and Web Services where user access maybe profiled without login requirement (now becoming standard within the corporate environment).

Does your system facilitate the inclusion of an image library with scope for the upload of a sizable number of high resolution images? What is the size of library.


The system has its own image management module.  This allows for the management of images relational to each template upon the system. Images at Admin level may also be edited and cropped as/if required while all attributes are transparent. 1Gb of images offered free of charge, costs beyond that are £12 per Gb per month (cost to cover hardware storage only).

Can each template have a designated set of images that a User can choose from?

Yes, Images can be profiled by template or uploaded by User.

What are the system’s report generating capabilities with regards to the tracking/monitoring of ordering and spend eg. across regions, projects and individuals?

Reporting is searchable/configurable and covers all required elements entered into the system either by user or at system level.  Data may be extracted into MS Excel and easily manipulated. Tracking information covers all order details including order status up to production.

What are your system’s print management options?  Is the system tied to a single printer or does it allow for the print management of multiple printers?.

The system enables Calderstone to fully utilize its database of over 400 trade suppliers to ensure print costs are competitive.  Unlike many web-to-print systems ours is not tied to a single printing company.

Can the system implement a minimum of (say) two levels of approval/authorisation eg. originator, budget holder, marketing manager (to sign off on quality and branding)?

Yes.  Approval roles and routines can be assigned to different templates

Can authorisers edit artwork, as a ‘super user’, without leaving the system?

Yes. Authorisers can update editable fields on documents sent to them for approval without leaving the system. If an authoriser makes changes to a card this will be logged in the Order History.

Can individual users track the progress of their orders?  Do users receive email notification at all key stages of process?

Yes, outside of the production workflow

Can the system designate and subsequently monitor spending limits for individuals, projects, areas, regions etc?

Yes, additional administrative functionality can be built into the system depending on requirements

What are the IT requirements for using of system?

Any browser.  No software is required to use the system.

How does the system integrate with in-house accounting systems and databases?

Based upon specification but modern standards are cXML based

What level of support would be provided?

Full Account Management support.

Do you offer the capability to fully brand and style in line with branding guidelines?

Yes – two options

Branded in colour. Style, fonts, graphics etc. but retaining the system structure at no charge

The system has a full API to allow you to redesign the way it works however this is chargeable and depending upon the design and development required.

Can the system handle foreign languages.

Yes – templates can accept input in any language including Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. Real-time translation is not available however editing/approval options for translators can be built into the template workflow.

How secure is the system?

Levels of encryption can be set up according to client requirements and password management such as restriction on the words used, or period forced password changes is available.

Can your system manage stock withdrawals and update stock levels on the system in real time?

Yes.  Where items are ordered from stock rather than printed on demand, the system can automatically deduct orders quantities from stock levels. Re-order prompts can be put in place to alert when stocks reach a certain level.