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Why you should be sending branded business gifts this Christmas

The old cliche that Christmas is a time for giving still holds true in the business and corporate world. Personal gift recipients are often known to tell you that you shouldn’t have, but would be truly upset if you didn’t! It might be unusual to start this subject with a negative thought, but what might your clients feel, or more importantly do, should you fail to let them know that you are thinking of them at this key time of year? It’s almost as if you are leaving a gap for a competitor to move into!

Christmas is also a chance to ‘get real’. Many, and increasing numbers of, corporate communications are conducted remotely and online, leaving a lack of actual physical contact between service provider or supplier and their customers. Personalised corporate gifts are a great way to physically bridge that gap and provide a tangible expression of your thanks as well as delivering a practical item to be seen, used, or worn. In this way you are reconnecting with your clients, especially those who might use you infrequently, but perhaps for high value transactions or substantial bulk purchases.

As well as an at-the-moment gift, it’s useful to provide business gifts that have longevity. Or, to misquote another festive season saying: ‘A corporate gift isn’t just for Christmas, it’s to be noticed throughout the year’. Whether an item of branded clothing, or the classic gift of a mug, perhaps an always-useful umbrella, or branded confectionery, you can extend the lifespan of your promotional message. Well perhaps not always with the last of these gifts, but gratitude will surely still be felt as the recipient enjoys each single munch!

You might even choose gifts that are more unusual than the staple ideas (although these are still welcomed). You could offer a timepiece for the wall, a watch for the wrist, fun stress relievers or fitness-fan pedometers.

Some of the items you could choose would likely bear only your logo as a reminder. For others, you might want to add a promotional message – such as mugs reminding users to visit your website. Whatever you do choose, you’ll want to know it presents your company in a positive light and will be appreciated by all who receive it. This is why it’s worth thinking through how you want to be viewed, and which Christmas promotional gifts will best help you achieve this.

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If you are looking to send business gifts to clients this Christmas, you’re in the right place!

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