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Brochure printing – what are the best options?

Though there’s plenty of talk about whether or not print is dead, the fact remains that few things are able to capture the imagination of your target market than brochures. You cannot close or minimise the window of a brochure, change the channel, or block its advertising. You don’t have to type in its URL in order to see it, and it does not inconveniently pop up in front of your reading material.

People read brochures; they pick them up and leaf through them, even if they weren’t ever requested. That’s why it’s important to choose the best variety to promote your business. Brochures are a great way to entice an audience and convert leads into sales, but which is the best option for you?

Brochure Layout

First, think about your audience and the appropriate layout. Do you want A4 or A5? Portrait or landscape? Portrait is better suited to info-led materials, whereas landscape will offer more impact visually. The layout element of any corporate brochure design is vital.

Brochure Printing Processes


If you’re opting for a quick promotion or want to surprise your customers with a new product, then digital printing is the way to go. Perfect for quick designs from templates, you can print small runs with real speed and economy.

Sheet Fed Litho

Depending on the size of your print run, you might opt for sheet fed litho printing rather than digital. You can cut down costs with recycled paper, and print large quantities easily to spread your message far and wide.

Web offset

This is best for very large runs, lowering your costs by the page with slightly more limited paper stocks than litho options.

Brochure Binding

Once you’ve chosen a brochure printing process, you will want to consider binding. Depending on the aesthetics of your brand, the amount of pages and their size, there are a range of options. Methods such as saddle stitching provide cost effectiveness with no expense to durability, and loop wiring conveniently allows for insertion into ring binders.

For a more premium option, perfect binding gives an elegant square spine, and case binding goes all the way in providing a classic book effect.

Calderstone provides marketing, branding and printing solutions for great campaigns. We work with big names and small startups alike, and know how to make beautiful print material that creates excitement. There are many choices besides that can fit your campaign and your business, and Calderstone are specialists in making your brand stand out from the crowd.


To maximise the effectiveness of your brochure printing you need to speak to the experts… and you’re in the right place!

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