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Can promotional products relating to health and care be effective?


We’ve said it before – but one of the joys of using promotional products to promote your brand positively is the creativity you can inject … and the vast range of products you can choose from!

We’ve looked at many of them – now it’s time to delve into health and care products and examine the art of the possible.  For starters let’s consider a fact: health and care products are used in some capacity by everyone.  There are no exceptions at all – so unlike most if not all other varieties of promotional product, the target market is 100% of the population!

So, there’s a huge opportunity if we get it right.  And by getting it right we mean exercising our imagination, talking to the experts, and significantly differentiating ourselves from our competition.

Now let’s have a look at how we can achieve this by looking at some of the options available – we think you’ll be surprised and impressed in equal measure!

A host of wonderful ideas! 

We all want to be fitter and healthier, and tracking our activities is one way to measure our progress.  This is why pedometers are so popular, which can reveal not only how far we’ve walked/jogged/run/sprinted but how many calories we’ve burnt!  Just think of how effective it could be if your brand was on such a device – apart from the exposure, making a subliminal connection to health and fitness.

Taking a different line, what about stress toys ?  Sadly, most of us suffer some form of stress from time to time, so why not make the de-stressing experience a positive one and promote your brand simultaneously?  Options include brains, hard hats, footballs, cubes, globes, vans … you’d be amazed at the possibilities!

At this time of year, as many head off to the sun, a really useful ‘must have’ is lip balm.  Have your brand on everyone’s lips whilst they’re on holiday!

And sorry to mention it, but occasionally some of us suffer from the odd hangover … so how about your brand on a pocket mini hangover kit?

We’re picking just some of the possibilities, to show the diversity of options but also to stimulate your imagination!

Here’s a list of some other promotional products to stimulate you even further

to name but a few of numerous ideas!

“I never thought of that!” we often hear our clients say – and that’s the whole point.   We’ve probably not thought of everything … but we’ve thought of an awful lot, and we’ve got a brilliant track record of helping our clients to differentiate themselves using promotional products of all kinds.

We’re here to help …

… and eager to align our marketing expertise with your imagination, so please click here to examine our vast range of health and care products, here to learn more about many of the other brilliant promotional products that we have, or here for our home page.  Or call us any time on 020 8391 3001

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