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Reasons direct mail is critical in B2B and B2C marketing

In an increasingly digital world, it is easy for businesses to get caught up with new marketing trends, instead of traditional methods. For a much longer period of time, direct mail marketing was critical to business success but, with evolving trends, many come to assume that these methods are outdated. However, it is not so much the method of direct mail marketing that is outdated as the way in which companies go about using it. If you really want to improve your business success, then you may want to consider incorporating direct mail, and here are 5 reasons for why it is still so critical for both B2B and B2C marketing.

It is best used for more expensive products

The reality is that if someone sees something in an email or on a Facebook advertisement, it is very easy to assume it is some sort of scam or overvalued product. However, with direct mail marketing, you are able to get something tangible in your customers’ hands. Issuing high-quality print marketing creates value and makes converting a customer easier than them having just received an email. Especially true for an employee who is required to present your proposal to their boss.

Direct mail remains in the client’s mind longer than email

Once an email arrives, it is often ignored or deleted immediately, especially if the customer is busy at the time and has no patience for it. However, when print marketing hits the desk, it is there ready until someone has a few minutes to take a look.

It doesn’t require opt-ins

Unlike email and text messaging, your direct mail recipients do not have to opt in, you do not need their permission in order to send it. This means that regardless of whether they have subscribed or unsubscribed, you can still reach them.

A message in the post doesn’t get sent straight to spam

At least with direct mail, it’s highly likely your potential customer will at least touch it and have a brief look at your message. However, modern spam filters on emails often cause good email marketing to get sent straight to the spam folder or get marked as ‘promotional’ where no one will ever see it.


Knowing what approach to take with your direct mail marketing campaign is often the hardest step. To help guide you and to see how you can get the most out of your spend, you can get in contact with us.

As a direct marketing company we have years of experience in both B2B and B2C direct marketing and can take you through the entire process from idea generation and printing, right up distribution.