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How Promotional Products Can Make a Big Impact

In our last article we talked about the element of surprise and the fact that it’s only possible to make a first impression once.  We’re continuing with this theme by considering the impact of promotional products, and in particular why they are so effective.

We all like presents, of course, and we all like something for nothing … but there’s a lot more to it than that …

Digital overload?

Reaching your target audience at the right time and with the right message quite rightly occupies businesses and marketing departments much of the time.  But what is the best approach?  While brands are investing in more and more memorable forms of advertising, there is increasing evidence that buyers are becoming more “savvy” – and more choosy – about how they are sold to.

Television advertising, for example, theoretically reaches a lot of people, but recent research indicates that as many as 72 per cent of all viewers ignore, mute or change channels when adverts are played.

Banner advertising on the internet, too, while again theoretically reaching a lot of people, was found to be “the most annoying marketing medium” by almost 75 per cent of people.

So while digital approaches like these undoubtedly have a part to play, they may in many instances not only be a waste of money (or at best poor value for money) they may even be counter-productive!

“Be remembered POSITIVELY …”

It’s unsurprising that audiences who are repeatedly exposed to a brand are more likely to remember it, but as we’ve seen the marketing techniques employed need to be properly thought through to be genuinely effective.  So it’s similarly unsurprising that more and more companies are turning (and in many cases returning) to branded promotional products to reach their clients and stay “front of mind”.

If the correct promotional product is chosen – and we’ll be taking a good look at many of the options in forthcoming articles – the results can be spectacular.  For example, 94 per cent of those surveyed remembered who gave them the gift, and nearly 50 per cent said that they kept them for over a year!

Still need convincing?  Some more facts and figures

  • 178 per cent increase in trade-show traffic for companies that give out promotional gifts (Source: Exhibit Surveys)
  • 62 per cent of people who receive a gift will give it away rather than dispose of it (Source: Advertising Speciality Institute).  Think pens!  If you give out 100, and each is passed on just 10 times, that’s 1,000 impressions for the cost of 100 …
  • Companies whose sales teams use promotional gifts do on average 22 percent more business than those that don’t (Source: Baylor University)

You know it makes sense!

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