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How to take full advantage of Web to Print technology

I’ve heard of ‘Web to Print’ or ‘Self-Service Print’.  What is it?

Very simply, it’s a web-based technology that automates and streamlines the printing process, reducing delays and errors, minimising costs, and maximising efficiencies.

The client designs and specifies their printing requirements on-line – often via a secure portal and/or using pre-agreed templates – this is then sent to the printer … who delivers it!  A wonderfully straightforward process which everyone benefits from.

Can you list the advantages?

  • the client is in total control of the final design, and can modify it on-line easily and quickly until it’s perfect; there aren’t numerous time-consuming and potentially costly iterations
  • by its very nature – web-based – the client can do the design work 24/7
  • there’s no need for anyone to travel – it’s all done on-line
  • the printer knows exactly what is required, and can print it cost-effectively in the certain knowledge that the client’s requirements have been met
  • costs are reduced on both sides, timescales are shortened, and customer satisfaction and repeat business are both likely to be higher
  • the ordering process can be decentralised (under your control) without diluting the brand
  • a wide range of products can be ordered – you choose!  Business cards, leaflets, posters, banners, you name it.  Agree the template, once, and the rest is automated

Are there any disadvantages?

In a word, no! Clearly if you have bespoke or special requirements where this process wouldn’t necessarily work, you can liaise with your printer in the normal way (so ensure that the printer you choose can do both).

I’m convinced!  What next?

As mentioned, you want to find a printer that offers Web to Print as well as bespoke solutions, and of course you also want someone with an outstanding track record of satisfying their customers.  Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

Lorraine Julien, BEW Electrical Distributors

We have been a customer of Calderstone for approximately 18 years.  Our long-standing business relationship is down to the management and staff being extremely helpful, very knowledgeable in their field and having a “can do” attitude regardless of the task involved!  Recently we have moved over to their “Web to Print” (Self-service Print) facility which is very easy to use and has a fast turnaround from date of order to delivery.  We would certainly recommend this service to other potential customers.

Alison Brown, Hart Brown

I have found Calderstone to be excellent, very quick delivery and high quality products. Their web to print solution has given us huge efficiencies and is so simple to use. I would highly recommend them.

Ben Graham, Carclo Technical Plastics

The “Web to Print” (Self-service Print) facility is easy to use, convenient and quick and offers an at-a-glance history of your orders.

Mark Carman, Edenred

I have worked with Calderstone for 8 years. Calderstone have helped us with increasing efficiency of creating client specific communication using their web-to-print functionality. The service has reduced our printing costs by 50% and relieved workload on design resource. The web-to-print functionality is easy to use and is easily administered.

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