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New survey recognises print’s value with younger consumers

Whether you call them the ‘younger generation’ or ‘millennials’, the fact is that this age group is continually cited for being constantly glued to their mobile devices. While it may be true that digital media is the prefered mode of information consumption for the younger audience, there is new evidence which suggests that print media retains its appeal.

According to new research from Two Sides, the paper and print advocacy group, some 69 percent of survey respondents feel that they should switch off more often and grab some print media such as a magazine or a newspaper. Furthermore, the study reveals that an even larger portion of those young people quizzed – 74 percent – are acutely aware of the ‘digital overload’ problem, believing that they do spend too long looking at a screen.

The results of the study have given rise to the confidence in the print sector that print, used in the form of print marketing or print design, possesses something which digital can never match – a tangible form of media which engages consumers on another level.

Speaking to Print Week, Bruce Galloway, director of the BD Network creative agency, explained that print can never truly be replaced by digital. He said: “Digital has got its place, it is a lot cheaper and reaches a much broader range of people faster. But print has the longevity digital lacks. Print makes brands’ ideas really tangible in a customer’s hands and that will give you a higher average return rate.”

Other interesting findings include the admission by some 63 percent of respondents that print can allow stories to be understood more deeply than with digital. And it seems that digital might have to go some way to earn back the trust of the consumer. An overwhelming (76 percent) share of those canvassed said that they were concerned about the prevalence of ‘fake news’ on the web, suggesting that print is a medium which can be relied on for factual news more than stories which are published online.

In media, like so many other industries, trends can be cyclical, and it seems as though in 2018, we might be coming back to print.


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