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How point of sale displays can increase sales

You’ve put everything into designing a compelling product range which is targeted to appeal to existing customers, as well as attract new ones. You’ve executed a marketing campaign which has spread awareness of your product or service. You’ve even conducted customer research in order to ensure you are continually meeting and exceeding expectations. So don’t let your point of sale (POS) displays let you down!

In this blog, we look at ways in which POS displays can help up your sales count:

Your POS displays should get the message across

An attractive display of current deals and promotions in a strategic place in store will command the attention of your customers and help them connect to quick purchasing decisions. Remember that with POS displays, less is more, so keep messages short and well formulated in clear and easy to read fonts.

With point of sale, it’s time to get colourful

Adding splashes of colour to your POS displays not only brightens up this part of the customer journey, it can also mark your products out clearly, allowing your customers to make more informed decisions. Outlets competing ‘neck and neck’ with other businesses in the same confined space may also find that colourful POS displays can lure customers into their immediate catchment area, in order to review the highlighted information on the display.

POS displays highlight your main selling points

One of the most important abilities of POS displays is to highlight whatever you deem to be most important in your marketing drives. This could be discounts which could tempt shoppers into making a sale, an invitation to enter a competition, or specific unique selling points which are attributable to your product or service.

Point of sale can be engaging and interactive

Budget permitting, there are now more ways than ever to engage and inform potential customers at the point of sale with digital displays. You can do this by using interactive screens, which can serve to answer any questions which customers may have, as well as directly feeding into your ordering system.

You can experiment with POS displays

POS displays don’t necessarily have to be strictly visual. In the case of products such as food and beverages, you might want to hand out samples which not only help to promote your product but also have the effect of drawing a crowd, making your outlet an ‘attention grabber’. Alternatively, with items such as clothing or gadgets, you can make the product display the centrepiece of your point of sale area, putting it in full view of potential customers and luring them in.

So that’s our run through some of the sales benefits of POS displays – if you have overlooked the potential power of POS strategies so far, it might be time for a rethink!


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