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The different point of sale materials and displays

Point of sale displays are a must-have for any retailer regardless of your industry. They are a fantastic way to boost your profit margins on a sale by cross-selling or up-selling relevant products. POS displays can be used in a variety of ways and there are a number of solutions that could easily accommodate the sorts of products you sell and want to promote. If you are thinking of including such displays, or would like to alter those you already have, then here are nine different types to consider.

FSDU – Free Standing Display Unit

Free Standing Display Units are one of the most common point of displays used as they are large and can be fully customised for your intended purpose.

Leaflet Holder

Leaflets are incredibly cheap to mass-print, and a holder is a great way to display them for people to pick up at the till.


Wobblers are versatile and can be stuck anywhere in your shop, either on the shelves or by products, and they are a great way to inform and upsell.

Floor Mat

Floor mats will be seen by everyone when they walk in your store or are waiting to be served, so are a must-have for most retail outlets.


Posters are also classed as a point of sale material and are often placed around the store to promote new products or special offers. They are easy to display and a well designed poster can be highly effective.

Table Talker

Table talkers are small and can be placed near the til or elsewhere around the premesis to quickly grab someone’s attention and display your latest promotions.

Hanging Board

Having a hanging board or two placed from the ceiling will be clearly seen by everyone in the store, so are a powerful marketing tool.

Catalogue Display Box

A custom-designed catalogue display box will make your catalogues stand out and greatly improve the rate at which they are picked up by passing customers.

Calderstone are experts in designing and manufacturing all of the point of sale collateral as mentioned above. We have worked closely with a large number of businesses over the years to provide bespoke POS and packaging solutions perfectly designed to complement their retail environment.


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