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Why add promotional pens to your marketing strategy?

If you are planning your marketing and promotional strategy for the year ahead, then it’s time to consider how branded pens can help you with your delivery. Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits:

Promotional Pens Are Cost-effective

Promotional pens are highly cost-effective and can represent an excellent choice for smaller businesses with a limited marketing budget. Not everyone can afford expensive advertising, but even start-ups will find that their budget can stretch to branded pens which they can use at trade shows and in marketing campaigns. Promotional pen costs vary and can be extremely budget-friendly, especially at large volumes where the unit cost attracts discounts.

Printed Pens Provide Constant Brand Recognition

Branded pens display your logo for all the world to see, making your brand instantly visible to customers. All of us will recognise the situation of picking up a pen and wondering what the logo on it is for. Recognition will place your company in the customer’s mind and remind them to engage with you.

Branded Pens Are A Useful Tool At Events

Branded pens are also great at trade shows and events. Everyone loves a little freebie and these pens are a great hook for your sales people to pass over promotional material and engage prospects in conversations about your offer. For a small outlay, you can have the perfect means of starting profitable conversations with the people that matter.

Promotional Pens Offer Flexible Solutions

There are a wide range of promo pens on the market too, so you can choose the style at the price that you want. Every model can be customised with your logo and even some wording, such as a contact number or website. There are options that range from basic pencils through to high-end pens with their own presentation cases. The latter make great gifts for your business contacts!

Pens Can Be Added To Any Marketing Campaigns

Branded pens are also great to add into direct mailing campaigns, and they will encourage recipients to stop for just long enough to look at the logo and see what is effectively a different form of business card. Send a pen, a card and some promotional material and you suddenly give the recipient a real reason to engage with your brand and consider a follow-up.


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