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Promotional Products and the “Wow factor”

All of the promotional products that we’ve been looking at in recent weeks have one very important thing in common – they display your brand to your clients, and therefore keep you “front of mind”.  And we’ve seen some very creative and innovative ideas too, which will really help to differentiate you positively from your competitors.

We’ve also agreed that with so many ways of going about it, and with so many possibilities for these promotional products, it is really important to talk to experts who will give you sound, pragmatic advice based on years of successful marketing experience.

One area of promotional products that we haven’t looked at yet is what we’ll class as “food and drink”.  We all need to eat, and drink, and we usually do so several times each day, so at one level if you can get your brand displayed while we do then there should be increased brand exposure … and all the wonderful things that come with it!

So how do we achieve this, and create that much sought after “wow factor”?  Let’s take a look at some brilliant examples:

  • branded bottled water
  • mints
  • rock sweets
  • chocolates
  • jelly beans
  • lollipops
  • advent calendars
  • Easter eggs

And it’s not simply the food and drink themselves, but what they are stored in – or on! – or used with, that can make all the difference.  Now let’s look at some more examples:

  • cool bags
  • shot glasses
  • lunch boxes
  • plastic beakers
  • mint tins
  • glasses
  • hip flasks
  • beer mats
  • chopping boards

As with our other promotional products the list really does go on and on – and is only limited by our collective imagination.  And the good news is – we have a fantastic imagination with a fantastic range of products to match!

Making the difference

There’s a really important point to be made here.  With such a plethora of ideas and possibilities, how do you know what promotional product will work best, will give you the best return, will make you stand out, and give you that “wow factor” that we’ve mentioned.  You surely don’t want to rely on trial and error?

Absolutely you don’t – and you don’t have to.  With years of experience behind us, a vast range of products right across the promotional spectrum, a seemingly never-ending pool of ideas, a culture steeped in marketing effectiveness, and all underpinned with outstanding customer service, we will be able to work with you to decide exactly what to use, and when, so that your investment will deliver the desired results.

Here to help!

We’d like to think there is a real synergy going on, and that we can fully exploit it to your advantage.  The combination of your knowledge of your own marketplace and client base with our range of promotional products and marketing expertise, and our collective imagination, is a very powerful one … and we’re ready and waiting to assist!

You can click here if you would like to check out many of the other promotional products we have available, or here for our home page.  Or call us any time on 01737 377 911 and we’ll be absolutely delighted to help you set yourselves apart from your competitors.