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Promotional products at Conferences and Exhibitions – the power of the brand … 

The wonderful thing about promotional products is not only how creative you can be – and we’ve seen plenty of creativity! – but all the different environments where they can be used to promote your brand … from the desktop to the golf course and almost everywhere in between.

One major area where they really come into their own is at Conferences and Exhibitions, which we haven’t looked at yet.  So let’s begin with a glance at the scale of the industry in the UK.

 The UK Conference and Exhibition Industry

A recent survey by Oxford Economics revealed the following facts:

  • annually the sector generates £11 billion in spending and contributes £5.6 billion to the UK economy
  • it supports around £3 billion in the supply chain and the wider economy
  • and nearly 150,000 jobs
  • over 13 million visitors attend conferences and exhibitions in the UK each year, spending over £1.4 billion

The Vivid Interface survey of exhibitors finds that, across all exhibitions, over a third of respondents expect to generate between £10,000 and £50,000 in additional sales, while trade exhibitors expect on average to generate over £800,000 in additional sales from attending an event.

What an opportunity it represents! 

They’re all very interesting statistics, but that last one is arguably the most relevant here: 13 million exhibition visitors in a single year spending over £1.4 billion.

So, if with the help of the experts, you source the right promotional products, the scale alone of the opportunity suggests that you’ll see a significant increase in positive brand awareness and sales.  Let’s now see how creative we can be this time …

Maximum impact promotional products

Let’s start with a tip for you.  Popular products for exhibitions are branded shopper bags – make sure yours is the biggest so that all the other bags and brochures and products are put in it – yours is the one that will be seen.

Here’s a list for you to think about:

  • water bottles
  • bags
  • tablet folios
  • sweets
  • PC cases
  • laptop stands
  • folders
  • business card holders
  • ring-binders
  • floor graphics stickers
  • banners
  • lanyards
  • name badges
  • pass holders

to name but a few of numerous ideas.

You see how many possibilities there are, and the enormous variety there is, to promote your brand?

Time to make an impact 

We’ve seen what a fantastic opportunity conferences and exhibitions represent.  When we pool all the different opportunities together, we see that the only limiting factor is the imagination – and the good news is that’s an area we excel in …

… so please click here to learn more about many of the other brilliant promotional products that we have, or here for our home page.  Or call us any time on 020 8391 3001

and as always we’ll be absolutely delighted to help you to put clear blue water between yourselves and your competitors.