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The importance of high quality presentation packaging – part 2

In our last article we discussed what we mean by “quality” when we think about presentation packaging – how to add to the sense of anticipation and excitement – and we came up with a simple check-list of things to consider.

In this article we’re going to take a look at specifically how we might realise some of these design goals … but let’s start by thinking a little deeper about what we’re trying to achieve.

  • a pleasant experience for the client perhaps?  But does “pleasant” quite do it justice?  Certainly we want to achieve that … but we want to achieve more too, surely?
  • we want the client to be sufficiently informed – but also perhaps tantalised?
  • we want to promote our brand
  • above all, we want the client to be impressed – and sufficiently so to want to repeat the experience and ideally tell others about it …

You might think this is a tall order, but think about it for a few minutes … are there any products you buy where you are particularly impressed?  Or, for that matter, particularly unimpressed?  What made you feel that way?

So how can this be actually achieved?

As we touched upon last time, you have numerous design options available to you – it’s really a question of putting your creative hat on, using your imagination, and speaking to the experts

How about these ideas?

  • put your product into a box, with a base and a lid.  Apart from making it something “special”, it will also provide protection
  • how about putting a sleeve around the product?  This can be used to provide extra product information, and/or simply to enhance the experience by adding the extra layer
  • a hinged lid can be a great idea too, as a variant on a box …
  • another straightforward and impactful option is a folded carton

Having decided on the type of packaging, you can then decide if you want any inserts (such as foam), and what you want your packaging to be made from (for example, paperboard or flute board).  And what about using varnishes or laminates?  Or even foil blocking?

The sky really is the limit on your ability to “wow” your customers before they’ve even SEEN your product!

And the GOOD news is …

Well, there are TWO bits of good news really J

The first is, many of these options are highly cost-effective and excellent value for money – you don’t have to spend a fortune to get brilliant presentation packaging!

And the second is, you’re in EXACTLY the right place!

So click here to go directly to our presentation packaging information, or here for our home page.  Or give us a call on 020 8391 3001 and as always we’ll de delighted to give you excellent and pragmatic and creative advice!