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The singular importance of the office and the desk

Of all the places where promotional products might be used, arguably it is in the office – and specifically on the desk – where they might be most regularly seen, and most used, and therefore most valuable.

Think about your own desk, and the items that you see and use all the time.  Calculators, clocks, coasters, mouse mats, pens, pencils – the list goes on.  They are used all the time, and therefore if your name is on them it is seen all the time … and we’ve learned in previous articles just how effective that can be.

Let’s briefly remind ourselves of some facts about promotional products that might be found on the desk or in the office from our last article.

Average product values:

  • pens and pencils – £94,083,307
  • USB accessories – £30,118,132
  • mobile phone accessories – £25,202,358

Promotional gifts whose sales increased the most:

  • USB accessories – increased by 0.9%
  • mobile phone accessories – increased by 0.8%

And finally by market share:

  •  pens and pencils – 9.4%
  • “stress products” – 2.1%

The facts, and the marketing figures, seem to speak for themselves.  Get your name in front of your clients and potential clients as often as possible – and the likelihood of increasing your business from them will increase significantly.

What sort of promotional products are we talking about?

We’ve mentioned calculators, clocks,  coasters, mouse mats, pens, and pencils already, but many more items are used in offices and on desks all the time and in many different ways.  Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities and see how creative we can be!

  • How about mint containers, for all those occasions when you the thought of a mint is irresistible?  And, conscious of our health, why not make them sugar-free?
  • Containers for multi-coloured sticky flags for all those occasions when you want to highlight a piece of text or a passage in a book or a date in a diary.  And how about a built-in ruler?
  • Mobile phone holders – no desk is complete without a mobile phone these days, and they’re used all the time, so what a great opportunity!
  • Magnetic paper clips, which can be attached to metal surfaces
  • Computer cleaners, with a brush for cleaning the keyboard

What you can do with promotional products on the desk is limited only by your imagination!  There are numerous creative and innovative ways to get your name seen … and you can see a huge range of wonderful ideas by following this link:

wonderful ideas

What are you waiting for?

We have vast experience in helping our customers select the right promotional product for their target audiences.  Not only do we have an extensive range to choose from but also the creative spark to make you stand out!

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