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True or false?

  • snacking late at night leads makes you fatter
  • bananas, aspirin, vegemite, fructose, glucose, artichoke, prickly pear and the drugs tropisetron and tolfenamic acid can be effective hangover cures
  • sugar makes children hyperactive
  • most body heat is lost through the head

Most people would probably say that at least three of these are true – the hangover one might be a little bit contentious, especially if you’re unfortunate enough to be suffering from one.

How about these?

  • every breath you take contains an atom breathed out by Elvis
  • there is a liquid that can run uphill
  • you age faster at the top of a building than at the bottom
  • time travel is not forbidden by the laws of physics

Most people would probably say that ALL of these are false – and go further and add that that they are just plain silly!

Well … most people would be WRONG on all counts!  Interestingly, 1 through 4 are all NOT true … and, amazingly, 5 through 8 are all TRUE (thanks in large part to the wonders of quantum theory, which is slightly beyond the remit of this particular article).

So should we wear hats to keep warm?

We’ve said that it’s not true that most body heat is lost through the head.  In fact, the face, head and chest are more sensitive to changes in temperature than the rest of the body, making it feel as if covering them up does more to prevent heat loss. In fact, covering one part of the body has as much effect as covering any other!

So onto beanies, and other types of clothing …

Whether they genuinely keep you warm – or whether you feel warm – or whether you simply like the look – there’s no doubting the popularity of beanies.

And the same applies to most types of clothing, if you think about it.  Functional or feels good – does it really matter?

We’ve talked a lot about all sorts of highly effective promotional products in recent months – the keys to their effectiveness being how often they’re used and/or how wonderful and creative they are.

There’s one thing that we can be sure of – everybody we are trying to reach wears clothes, at least some of the time.  So what better promotional products are there than various items of clothing?

We have an excellent range of different types of clothing you can use for marketing purposes – and you can check out our range here.

Our beanies may not stop you losing heat, but they may well win you customers!

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