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What is the purpose of promotional products?

When talking about goals (and here we mean the objective type of a goal, as opposed to the football type!) it’s often said that if you haven’t got one, not only will you not know if you’ve achieved it or not, but it’s highly likely that you won’t!  There’s an element of tortology in this, but you get the gist … if you have a goal, make it SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound) and you’ll have a far greater chance of achieving it.

When it comes to promotional products, the same rule applies.  You need to ask yourself what their purpose is – and you need to be as specific as possible.  You’ll be aware that 94% of recipients of branded merchandise remember the product or company for over six months (Source: BPMA, British Promotional Merchandise Association), and you know that there is a huge range of products to choose from … but what are you actually trying to achieve?  And how?

We’ll be looking at the relevance of different products to different audiences separately, but something else that’s important to consider is why you are using the promotional merchandise.  There could be several reasons (and this is by no means an exhaustive list):

  1. You could be exhibiting at a show, and it’s a powerful way of increasing brand awareness and reminding people that they visited your exhibition stand.
  2. It could be a “thank you” after a meeting or a presentation (being mindful of course of policies on this).
  3. It might be a takeaway gift at an event or conference (we’ve all seen people carrying canvas briefcases – with highly visible logos – containing their notes and paperwork).
  4. It’s a superb way of promoting a new product!
  5. What about engendering team spirit? You could be at a team-building event, and everyone wears the same t-shirt design, for example.
  6. You could be launching a new service …
  7. It could be a reminder of something that you do (there’s lots of scope for creativity here!).
  8. You could be thanking your staff or team …
  9. It could be something to leave a potential customer after a meeting or important presentation (once again being mindful of policy).
  10. What about a celebration, such as a work anniversary?
  11. Consistency of staff appearance is another thought – perhaps with branded polo shirts or jackets?
  12. A keepsake after a corporate hospitality event

Each of these scenarios requires careful thinking, and potentially different types of merchandise, which we’ll be considering separately in further articles that will take you through every step on the journey; guiding you through the important decisions; offering advice when you have options; and ensuring that you make the right choices.

Click on the Infographic below to see all the areas which we’ll be covering, and how we’ll approach them.

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