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Why promotional packaging works so well

In a recent article we talked about how adding a sense of anticipation and excitement to the presentation of your products can – if done well – impress and tantalise customers … and make them yearn for more.  And of course this is exactly the kind of response that you’re looking for!

But why does high quality promotional packaging work so well?  What is it about this idea of delaying the opening of something – since that’s what it can amount to – that is so appealing to us?

Well, part of it could be the “Christmas present” factor, which we mentioned previously, otherwise known as the Element of Surprise.  There’s little doubt that opening a package when you don’t know exactly what’s inside is a pleasant experience, at any age!

But there’s more to it than that, surely.  It has something to do with the thought that has gone into the product that is there in front of you.  If it is beautifully presented, in a professional way, it will speak volumes about the company that provided it.

The internal dialogue might go something like this: if this company puts this much time and attention into their packaging, how much time and attention are they likely to put into the product inside and the service that they will provide me with?  If they care this much about the look and feel, how much do they care about how well the product does its job?

You get the gist.  We’ve said it over again, but it’s so true

You only make a first impression once …

Let’s remind ourselves how can this be actually achieved?

As we’ve mentioned previously, numerous design options are available to you – it’s really a question of putting your creative hat on, using your imagination, and speaking to the experts

Here’s a reminder of some highly effective promotional packaging ideas:

  • put your product into a box, with a base and a lid.  Apart from making it something “special”, it will also provide protection
  • how about putting a sleeve around the carton?  This can be used to provide extra product information, and/or simply to enhance the experience by adding the extra layer
  • a hinged lid can be a great idea too, as a variant on a box …
  • another straightforward and impactful option is a folded carton

And once you’ve decided on the type of packaging, you can then decide if you want any inserts (such as foam), and what you want your packaging to be made from (for example, paperboard or flute board).  And what about using varnishes or laminates?  Or even foil blocking?

And here you are!

Once again you’ll be delighted to learn that you’re in EXACTLY the right place to discover what promotional packaging can do for your business J

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