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Catalogue Binding Options: Achieve a perfect finish

Making sure that your catalogue not only looks inviting, but also won’t fall to bits after a couple of uses is always a priority. The key to creating a robust catalogue that can withstand repeated use is to ensure that the binding is tough enough to cope with the demands made upon it. To create a catalogue that’s exactly what you and your customers need, we offer a range of different catalogue binding options that can provide the secure, appealing finish you need for catalogues and similar publications of all shapes and sizes.

Catalogue binding that gives you the result you’re looking for

For smaller catalogues, a saddle stitched option (this looks like a double staple in the spine of the publication) can work really well. Alternatively, why not consider a loop wire stitched option? Catalogues with more pages benefit from either a Perfect Binding (pages are trimmed and glued) or a PUR bound option – a stronger glue is employed than the one used in Perfect Binding, giving a tougher, more durable result.


Other options include thread sewn (as the name suggests, thread is used to bind the pages together), plastic comb bound or wire-o bound (a plastic comb or loops of wire are used to keep the pages securely in place), or Half-Canadian or Full-Canadian bound (this option involves a wire binding but with a covering paper or cardboard spine that allows the catalogue to be opened flat and the spine printed over with your branding or preferred graphics). There are also a number of other binding options on offer which can provide an appropriate solution.

Customized catalogue production tailored to your requirements

There is rarely a “right” answer when it comes to selecting the type of binding that’s going to be best for your catalogue. Factors such as visual appeal, number of pages, page thickness, cost, type of use, durability and similar criteria can all shape the type of binding that’s going to be most appropriate. We can advise on every aspect of your forthcoming catalogue production, resulting in high-grade results that give you the outcomes you’re looking for.


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