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Useful information

It’s been almost a year since we commenced this series of articles, and we’ve covered a wide range of interesting topics including cycling (which resonates as the Tour de France has just finished), graphic design, promotional products, “Net Promoter Score” (which measures Customer Satisfaction, and which we’re proud to say Calderstone scores very highly on) right through to database marketing.

This has been part of an exercise not simply to showcase our own capabilities, but to reveal the art of the possible – what fantastic results can be achieved when the imagination of a client meets the expertise of a creative and innovative marketing services provider.  As we say on our home page:


So we thought we’d take time out from our ongoing discussion on the considerable merits of promotional products to provide you with some useful information of a more general nature, before returning to the topic next time.

Useful Information

There are four areas in particular that we’d like to mention:

  • print processes – several printing methods are available, depending on what your requirements are, the size of the run, and how quickly you want it. The majority of jobs are carried out using digital, litho, and web offset, although other options include silk screen, letterpress and gravure.  The good news is that we can help you with all of these, and ensure that the method you use gives you the best results in the most economical manner
  • binding – there are many different binding methods, and the one(s) you select will depend on the type of document you are binding, how it will be used, and its thickness (amongst other considerations).  The link takes you to a dedicated page which describes them all, but in the interim here’s a list: saddle-stitched; loop wire stitched; perfect bound; PUR bound; thread sewn; full- and half- Canadian bound; file hole drilled; plastic comb bound; case bound; wire-o bound; stab stitched; and finally spiral bound
  • paper sizes – we’re probably all familiar with A4 and A5, but beyond that many people aren’t too sure and perhaps can’t easily visualise all the different paper sizes and their respective codes. There are B and C size series too, and then business cards which are different again.  The link takes you to a dedicated page where all the sizes are explained – here’s a representation of the A series for starters:


  • saving artwork for press – if you’ve done it all before it’s very straightforward, but if you haven’t then it can be confusing with all this talk of “PDF’s” and “bleeds” and “embedded fonts”. Thankfully, help is at hand – and the link takes you to a page where your questions will all be answered … and remember that we’re always at the end of a phone if something’s still unclear

We’ve given you lots of useful information, and now we’ll give you one of the most important – our contact details.

Click here for our home page, here for our contact page, or call us any time on 020 8391 3001

we’re waiting to make a difference!